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Real Estate Investing’s Dirty Little Secret

The Whole Truth About Real Estate Investing

I know you probably came here looking for a bunch of secret tips and methods that the real estate experts use to make “the big money” in real estate.  Well, while I can and will give you a bunch of good tips, the truth is that none of them are great secrets known only to the wealthy.  I’ve revealed a bunch of things for you to look out for in the report “7 Traps of Real Estate Investing” but in my opinion, there is one secret that trumps all the rest and needs to be exposed.

The dirty little secret of the real estate investing world is that trainers around the country are selling their courses to people, quite comfortable in the knowledge that less than 5% of them will actually do anything with the information.  In other words, 95% of people will never do a deal and will never even recover the cost of that course, let alone become a successful investor.

It is my intent to change that.

You don’t have to be just another statistic.  Another person that gives up and walks away from their dreams.  I want to see you use what you’ve learned, do your first deal, and go on to great things.

And the whole purpose of this site is to make that happen.

With the right approach and support it can be done and I feel that trainers are being lazy and irresponsible by just selling courses and not providing the support infrastructure to give you every chance of success.

It’s like a parent who just buys a kid their first bike with no training wheels and says “there you go, good luck”.

Riding a bike seems impossibly difficult until you have done it.  But that hump of learning how to ride is the entire challenge.  Once you have successfully ridden a bike for a couple of minutes… its easy. Almost zero further effort is required.  It’s similar with real estate investing.

A kid learning to ride needs training wheels and support from a parent to remove the risk and give him the confidence that he won’t fall.  But after that – it’s a smooth ride.

And so it is with real estate investing.  The hardest part is getting that first deal done and getting a feel for it.

Would you try to learn how to ride a bike by purchasing ebooks?
Would you go to an expensive seminar and listen to experts telling you how to ride a bike ?  Of course not.  Because you know intuitively that the best way, the only way to truly learn, is to go out and do it.

Tip Real Estate Investing

You need to start pedaling!  But you also need training wheels.

And we’ve got them.  Over at reiallstars we have a team of experts lined up to guide you and catch you.  Coupled with our processes which remove a large amount of the risk, you really have nothing to worry about.  Getting started has never been so simple nor the path so clear.  There is no longer any reason for fear, uncertainty or doubt to get in your way and prevent you from achieving fantastic success in real estate.

That’s really what we are trying to achieve here.  If we can remove all the things that create fear, uncertainty and doubt when doing your first deal, we MUST be able to help more of you get over that hump and become true real estate investors.

What’s The First Step?

So, how do you ensure you don’t become a statistic in your bid to become a real estate investor?  What do you need to do?

Begin by going back and reading my 5 Step Plan for Getting Started in Real Estate Investing.

Then anyone who has not completed that first step of getting an introductory education needs to do so.  You can begin by visiting sites like these:


At these sites, you can read hundreds of articles and start asking questions in the forums.  But be careful with the forums.  First of all, you never know who you are getting advice from.  There’s a fair chance it’s from someone else who’s never done a deal.  Secondly, it can become addictive and just give you another way to avoid going out there and taking action.

Alternatively, you can jump over to these real estate investing videos from a team of the industry’s best trainers.  These videos will get you trained up to this basic level in the shortest time possible.

However, I ONLY want you to take a look at the videos if you have not completed the first of the five steps.  Do not waste your time on this if you’ve already got a solid understanding of the methods available to you.

Remember: The objective of this post is not to get everyone squandering time on the videos.  It is to get you on track to DOING YOUR FIRST DEAL.  For some of you, however, the next step will be getting educated.  For others, you need to move on to subsequent steps in the 5 step plan.

So if you are ready to move on and ensure you do not become just another real estate investing statistic, head over to the 5 Step Plan and figure out what your next step should be.  Then start pedaling!

To Your Success,

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