Money Hacker Blog – What is hyperinflation

World are slowly moving to hyperinflation. Stimulus packages offered by most of the countries inviting such economical change to a great extend. Any countries who presently reached the inflation rate to 0% certainly facing hyperinflation issues. Having little knowledge about hyperinflation would seems better at this context.

Here is a best definition for ‘hyperinflation’ from to know better about this very rarely used term. Have a look.

Hyperinflation is the extremely rapid escalation of prices (typically more than 50% per month) for goods and services.The most famous hyperinflation of the modern era occurred in Germany in 1920-1923 when the government began printing money to make up for revenue lost to a general strike. The German hyperinflation resulted in a percentage increase in prices in the millions per month. Other cases of hyperinflation (Greece, Hungary) following World War II were even more extreme.

The root cause of hyperinflation tends to be the excessive printing of currency by the monetary authority. Hyperinflation is extremely disruptive by making savings worthless very quickly, thus encouraging workers to spend money as fast as it is earned. Even moderate inflation is feared because of its potential to lead to hyperinflation, but many countries have experienced moderate inflation without hyperinflation resulting.

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