Save Documents Online Using Windows Live SkyDrive

Microsoft has made a lot of noise of late about the benefits of moving to the “cloud,” but hasn’t really done much in the way of showing users just exactly how to do so.

One of the ways is by using Windows Live SkyDrive, which in reality is nothing more than an online storage facility that Microsoft has made available for free to anyone who signs up for a Windows Live account; which is also free – see another post Windows Live SkyDrive – 500 MB of secure online storage from Microsoft.

To save a document you’ve created in Word 2010 to the SkyDrive, use Word’s Backstage Area via File.

It’s easy to set up online saving and sharing. If you’ve got Office 2010 on a PC or Office 2011 for Mac, both have built-in options to save files to Microsoft’s Skydrive service, and to share them there with others.

On Office 2010, select the option File -> Save & Send -> Save to Web. If you don’t already have a Windows Live account for Microsoft’s online services, you’ll need to set one up. On Office for Mac 2011, select File -> Share -> Save to Skydrive. You can specify people in your address book, or by e-mail address, who are allowed to view the file. It’s also possible to edit the file online, in a browser window, using the free online version of Microsoft Office.Other advantages to storing Office docs online: You needn’t deal with backups. You needn’t lug your laptop to every trip and meeting to have access to your files. And if you computer dies, or you lose it, you’ve still got all your work online. Saving and sharing online doesn’t just offer convenience, it brings peace of mind.