Who Will Be the Successor of Warren Buffett

“You shape your houses and then they shape you.” – Winston Churchill

warren2bbuffett-3151197Of course, this is one of toughest question have asked by investors around the world. “Who will be the Successor of Legendry Investor Warren Buffett?”. Answer for this question is now have seen near to crack with possible indications from the company itself. Berkshire Hathaway said in a filing on Monday that its board “has identified four current Berkshire subsidiary managers who are capable of being next Birkshire C.E.O. as well as the successor of Warren”

There are still rumors going on around this. A year ago, Berkshire Hathaway said that three possible candidates had been identified who might succeed the legendary investor.

The front-runner in the succession has been widely seen to be David L. Sokol, who runs the Berkshire subsidiary MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company and was also installed last year as the chief of NetJets, another Berkshire subsidiary.

However, Mr. Buffett have praised a number of other Bershire Hathaway managers in his Letters to Investors on Saturday.

Buffett’s praise on Ajit Jain, Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance Group CEO, bring him to the mind of investor as possible next CEO but I strongly belive that may not happen. Buffett said, he have added 30 billion to the Birkshire group but that would not be the parameter to select him as his successor.Warren’s words about the new joined fund manager Todd Combs clearly gives an idea on next CEO. He said “When we issued a press release about Todd’s joining us, a number of commentators pointed out that he was “little-known” and expressed puzzlement that we didn’t seek a “big-name.” I wonder how many of them would have known of Lou in 1979, Ajit in 1985, or, for that matter, Charlie in 1959. Our goalwas to find a 2-year-old Secretariat, not a 10-year-old Seabiscuit.Buffett always praise number of his managers in each of his letters. At this time those including Tad Montross of General Re, Matt Rose at Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Tony Nicely of Geico. However, it would defficult to guess anyone about his successor and I am sure it would come from his mouth once after decided. Because he is a value investor who never share the secrets with anyone unitl the investments happens..Readers, who do you think the possible candidates are?