: Amazon Appstore for Android – A Place to Fulfill Apps Need

Amazon released its long-awaited Appstore for Android. Fundamentally it’s very similar to Google’s first-party Android Market or the third-party AppBrain, but it has a few Amazonian differences that could set it apart from the competition very quickly.First and foremost, Amazon is promising to give away one paid app for free every day. Today it’s Angry Birds Rio, and it only retails for 99 cents, but that doesn’t really matter: people love free stuff. People will download stuff simply because it’s free, even if they don’t want it! The best bit (or worst bit) is that developers still get 20% of the usual retail price, which will paid out of Amazon’s pockets.

The next defining feature is Amazon Appstore exclusives. Angry Birds Rio, CoD:MW:Force Recon and other apps will be available only from Amazon. As we know from the console wars, exclusive titles aren’t always a good thing, but who cares? Amazon simply wants unique selling points, and exclusive titles are definitely that.

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