: Examples to Measure Advertising Efficiency and Effectiveness

Advertisements! It is the heart of each and every business. From a local grocery store to the top notch companies like Intel, Microsoft or even Google, spending billions of Dollars every year for advertisements to popularize their products to get more and more customers. As an investor, it is our duty to understand if the advertisement program of a company really works or it goes as an extravaganza to eat investors money.Power of an advertisements not only measured with the sale happening due to that but also, should understand by knowing how an advertisement make the product memorable to the public all the time. Here are two advertisements (unfortunately it is in Hindi) from Pidilite, a leading adhesives manufacturer in India. These ads can’t consider as just commercials but these are double edged swords that hitting to customers heart with deep message that make affections to their products! I have found these ads are the best advertisements I have ever seen in my life. First advertisement is little long and of course, Pidilite may spend little more money to media but, it can’t consider as an extravaganza because once if you see this ad, you will certainly love it along with the product it promoting! The intelligence and efforts behind these powerful ads to pass a very strong message to the heart of public and forcing them to fall in love with these products, are extraordinary!

1. Advertisement Number 1

A short note on this ad for those who don’t know Hindi: This ad is nothing but a small girl used Fevicol adhesive to fix the mustache to act in a drama at her childhood. She later not able to remove it and going through different life stages with that mustache! Once after she died, this mustache even there when she took a rebirth to earth! Remember to hear the excellent MUSIC WITH THIS AD… it is marvelous:

2. Advertisement Number 2

This is an advertisement of Fevi Kwik and quick fix adhesives. No much explanation required to understand this. Identify the clear shot message this ad passing to the public on the power of its small product!

There are number of award winning commercials from this company other than the above two. Visit here to watch each of them to realize how a company can make extremely powerful advertisements in a ‘cost effective manner’ but, each of them makes high penetration to the market with the product promoting in it.

As an investor, we should expect such kind of advertisement efficiency from companies or management when advertising their products. These advertisements are cost effective by its kind but, highly capable to pass a crystal clear message on the product to the public so they never forget these products. Once you see these ads, certainly watch it again and again whenever appearing in the TV. This would push the product name and brand to your heart forever!

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