: Introducing Spider Net and Black Horse Series

MONEY HACKER announces two new series in this blog named respectively as “Spider Net Series” and “Back Horse Series”. This is an innovation with a clear focus to provide more rich contents and resources to the readers and visitors along with tested and trusted materials for their financial improvements.

Spider Net Series introduces bet available articles from trusted sites and authors and would feature in periodically, which would provide beautiful information to users on various topics including personal finance, investing, saving, technology, tips and tricks, ideas and so..

Black Horse Series intended to feature trusted resources like well known books, web sites, products and so many to provide better information to the readers time to time. Such products or services would tested by us before featuring the same in this blog with the help of its authors, owners or company.

Both series willing to provide trustworthy information to readers to help them to identify best resources time to time. Hope our readers would welcome and support this initiative to make it a huge success…

Any product or services listed in these series may generate revenue for this blog and which would utilize entirely for charity and the betterment of orphan children…

Trust on each of you….. Sherin Dev of a.k.a Money Hacker