Links to Archive – Modelling Your Personal Financial Plan

Is there any relationship between football and personal financial planning? Certainly not. But, can any football team teach you financial planning? Certainly yes. Here is a solid example on that. If you know football, you can easily learn financial planning. This series, “Masterize in Financial Planning Through Football”, teach you financial planning through simple examples from football.

“Masterize in Financial Planning Through Football”, is an 8 part series, started on November 30, 2008, explaining how to have good knowledge on the core areas of financial planning through a football.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Requirement and selection of Personal Financial Adviser – Explained through the selection of a football coach.

Part 3: Personal Goal Settings – Explained through connecting the pre-match goal settings of any football team.

Part 4: Budgeting – Connected to the football team selection process.

Part 5: Debt Management – Explained through the requirement of fairplay to avoid suspensions or dismissals.

Part 6: Think about safety – Explained through the requirements of substitutes with a football team.

Part 7: Investing for better future – The core to meat goals – Explained through the positioning of players in the ground.

Part 8: Summary

By reading each of the above article in order, I am sure, you will get necessory knowledge on the steps involved into personal financial planning. If you are a football fan, of course you never forget these steps and always remember the same when you watch a football match. To have better idea, remember to read the articles in its order.Finally, as a reader, can you tell me whether the above series was useful to plan your own finance?