Brand New Prepaid Visa Card – iBankUP Prepaid Visa Card

ibankup-prepaid-visa-4216430The iBankup prepaid Visa Card is the next level of prepaid debit cards. Having this card gives you all the benefits of a checking account and a debit card all rolled into one. For a small monthly maintenance fee you get great benefits such as bonus cash back points and no annual fee. You are guaranteed approval. This is the cheap alternative to a checking account at a bank. Parents, this is the perfect card for your teenager as it lets you determine their spending limit. Your child still gets the benefit of learning how to manage money and credit cards.

You get free direct deposit and the card is re-loadable online or at variety of retailers nationwide. The card is linked to a money management portal with online access. You can also use MoneyPak to load your money onto the card. The sign up is so easy you can do it in less than five minutes.

The step by step instructions are so thorough that a child could do it. Once you have signed up and chosen your card colors you will receive your confirmation and direct deposit information. This can be emailed to your email account or directly to your employer.You receive bonus cash back points from the first moment that you load your card. You also get to choose your online access ID and password right then and there. It will take a few business days to receive the card in the mail but you can load it even before you get it. Because these IBankup Upside Cards are for everyone, there is never a credit check.

iBankup prepaid Visa Card features include: Free Direct Deposit, Mobile and FaceBook Access, Load Cash Easily, “Get Rewarded”, True Balance Tracking, Worldwide Acceptance, Virtual Check Book.

Special Features:

– Save up to $220 compared with other prepaid cards- The power of a checking account in one card, even if you have bad credit- Write personal checks online, we mail them for you- $0.99 monthly fee with total load of $500 or more- Free Direct Deposit from employers or load cash at 50,000 retailers

Other Information:

Issuer: Meta Bank

Card Network: VISA
Card Type: Card for Bad Credit, Guaranteed Approval, Prepaid Debit Card, Teen Debit Card, Reward Card
Comments: The maximum balance cannot exceed $10,000.00. Monthly maintenance fee is $0.99 if a minimum amount of $500 is loaded to the card within the calendar month. Otherwise a $2.99 fee applies each month.

Fees Information

Annual Fee: $0.00*

Opening Minimum: $25.00
Application Fee: $0.00
ATM Fee: $1.70

Additional Fees

Foreign currency conversion: 2% (in addition to the currency conversion rate)

Account closure fee – None
Activation fee – None
Annual fee – None
Automated phone inquiry (per call) – $0.99
Balance inquiry fee – $0.99
Companion card (balance over $1000) – FREE
Companion card (per month) – $1.99
DDA load fee – None
Decline fee on ATM withdrawal – $2.00
Decline fee on POS – None
Express delivery (surcharge) – $14.95
Inactivity fee – None
Monthly fee (balance $25-$500) – $2.99
Monthly fee (balance over $500) – $0.99
Negative balance fee – None
Online customer support – FREE
Purchase transaction fee – None
Standard delivery – $9.95

Peanut: Understand the Pros and Cons of prepaid credit cards would help you to take better decisions