How Greed Kills You in Stock Market

Stock market is not the place for emotions, especially greed and fear. Greed is directly connected to bull and fear connected to bear market, the two phases dominates stock markets to make real investors rich. When people approaches stock market with greed, prizes would start zooming up because of heavy buying with a speculation on possible uptrend of prices. Other hand, when traders fear about the losses, they start selling stocks which would drag down the stock prices heavily.

Traders generally interested to purchase and sell shares in the same day to book profit. To get rich immediate, people considering trading activities are the best. With such greedy mentality, thousands of people getting attracted to stock market day trading everyday. There is nothing, but just greed to become rich in a fortnight.

Greed is like a spitting cobra. It can either make people blind on realities or kill permanently by washing of the total wealth. When approaching stock market with an intention to make money to become super rich in a day or two, people committing big mistakes by compromising their wealth to huge certain loss. There are no reliable story about any day trader became super rich. Profit from day trading would generally low but the possibility of loss are high.

Even though, more and more people attracting to stock market daily. Lack of knowledge on stock trading and investing is a major reason for this mentality. Such people certainly understand the meaning of both, trading and investing, but majority would have been lost their money at that time or have been in the trap of huge debt from where they would not be able to escape easily.

Some other people later never enter to stock market due to such lose even though great opportunities a re present. it is quiet natural, any cat which fall down to the hot water later fear to approach the cold water too.

What is best?

It is difficult to understand the traders about the dangers behind the trading activity they are involved. As long as greed to money dominate hearts, it is difficult to turn such people to the right path and the only option is let them learn from huge losses. One of the happiest thing is, there are history which shows lots of loss driven traders later turned as good investors and made millions choosing this right approach than trading where they have involved and failed earlier.

Most of the people are greed. Money and its enormous power to get all the enjoyments would thus attracts thousands of youngsters as well as aged to trade in stocks. As a true believer of god, I can pray in some words “God Save Them. They Don’t Know What They are Doing