Interview with Jim of Bargaineering

As a practice of adding interviews with top finance bloggers, here is the second personal interview with Jim at ‘Bargaineering’ a top blog in the personal finance space. Jim has been responded very nicely and I have enjoyed the interview with him.

Jim was of course, very busy but, spend enough time to my questions.We can find the combination of fun and passion behind the huge success of Bargaineering. Jim has done a lot and clearly giving a message to the world on the requirement of passion and dedication to have success. Here is the interview.

The Money Maniac (TMM): Jim, you are very famous in personal finance space with the blog ‘ Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Jim: I’m 28 and I’ve been blogging for about four and a half years. I live near Baltimore, MD though I grew up on Long Island, New York.

TMM: Like me, those who interested to personal finance must required to visit the blog , as one of the best personal finance blog today in this space; we are very happy to hear a little about your blogging flashback. By remembering your old days of blogging, could you share when and how did you got into blogging and what are the inspirations behind to be personal finance blogger?

Jim: I got into blogging because it seemed like something fun. When I started working and getting more interested in finances, I thought starting a blog would be fun. Personal finance has always been interesting to me because I want to be a better manager of my finances. Having always been relatively responsible with things like credit cards, I was fortunate to always be on the offensive when it comes to personal finance. I can look for the newest things and research the trends, rather than being forced to focus on paying down debt. It’s allowed me to research a variety of things I probably would’ve have looked at otherwise, like Treasury bills or annuities.

I always like “figuring things out.” Whether it’s trying to solve daily problems or trying to understand how a particular financial product works, I like learning how things work and how I can use them in my life. My inspiration for blogging is fueled by that interest and the fact that it’s so easy to start a blog and interact with people.

TMM: At your early years with bargaineering we are sure you might have put lots of effort and hard work to build and establish this blog. Yes persona finance is a tough subject and commonly known as a boring subject and very rare group of serious visitors only can expected to your blog. It required fantastic knowledge to write and get right attention from readers worldwide. Your blog seems to be managed by such person, and really done it. What is your experience in finance industry and how do you keep coming up with articles? I seem to struggle sometimes to come with different articles in my blog. Do you have any posting timetable? Also, how do you keep updated yourself to provide most relevant information for readers?

Jim: I don’t have any experience in the finance industry, I just keep coming up with things because I see things around me that are interesting. I just write about the things that I would want to read about.

TMM: Are you a full time blogger? If yes, do you have any other blog or network? If not, how do you find time to blog and how many hours per day?

Jim: Yes, I have a few others but is the main one by far.

TMM: At present, lots of new entrants are there in personal finance blogging space. In my experience, found most of them stops blogging later by either losing interest or by not getting the income as they expected. In this context, could you share your major experiences as a startup personal finance blogger to know us how did you manage yourself to succeed by overcoming all the obstacles like establishing blog, creating your network, income generation etc? Also, do you have any personal tips for new bloggers?

Jim: You have to be passionate about it and enjoy it tremendously to keep it up. I didn’t make any money the first six months and money wasn’t my motivation so it didn’t bother me. You have to write good content, market it well, and be patient.

TMM: How much your blog influenced to your own personal finance? Do you suggest the best three posts from your blog for our readers?

Jim: It’s completely influenced by my personal finances.

1. Financial Network Map

2. Best Student Credit Cards
3. Devil’s Advocate Columns (I like all of my Devil’s Advocate columns!)

TMM: What are your goals for this year and for coming years?

Jim: Just keep on chugging along!

I have personally visit his above said ‘Devil’s Advocate Columns’ and found enough tasty meals there. Join with me to appreciate him for providing such fantastic advises and information for those who really want to manage his or her personal finance beautifully. Thanks Jim !!!!