Save money using energy intelligently

Utility bills are a major headache for most of us because of its direct influence to our monthly budget. Utility bills cause huge cash flow if not using the electrical, electronic equipments intelligently and able to destroy our family budget.

Here is some tips to use the gadgets and other electrical and electronic power equipments intelligently and save enormous money for long term.

1. At the very first, check and confirm your main meter is in good working condition by free from any defects.2. Confirm the earth wirings for the entire building or house works perfectly.3. Replace all the bulbs with energy efficient CFLs.4. Never let electronic equipments run after use. Practice to immediately switch off small kitchen equipments like Microwave Oven, toaster, coffee maker and home appliances like TV, air conditioners, internet modem, radio etc., after the use.5. Never Use iron box frequently. Instead, practice ironing once in a week. Remember, Iron box is a major cause for increasing power bills.6. Don’t use motor pumps frequently as it will utilize more power. My better advise is to use diesel pumps instead of electric one.7. Avoid electric heaters to the maximum as it is utilizing power in a great amount. Use small gas heaters instead. Remember, eclectic water heater can increase the bill maximum.8. Defrost refrigerators at least once in a week by switching off for minimum 4 hours.9. Confirm your refrigerators are working with right settings. This will help you to save energy by not wasting unnecessarily due to improper settings.10. Configure laptop and computer displays to shut off display after certain times if sitting idly. Switch of internet routers if not working or when going to office.11. Learn to wash dish plates by hand than using electric dish washer. If you still want to use a dish washer, practice to not use at least once or twice in a week and wash all the plates by hand.12. Practice to switch off the main switch if you going out for long term or holiday.13. Always use electronic circuit breakers to tackle power leakages. 14. Install solar panels for bulbs in the prominent places inside the house and any most required equipments in the nights.15. Install solar panels for hot water instead of electric heaters.16. Avoid using plug extensions. Instead, have enough wall mounted plug points with fuse.17. Practice switching off electricity power for 10 minutes everyday evening in the peak hours. If not possible, practice a 1 hour peak time shutdown in a weak.18. Switch off any decorative lights in the peak times.19. To avoid unnecessary usage of motor pumps for garden, implement drip irrigation lines with locks for over tank.20. Switch of any unnecessary decorative garden lights that waste power a lot.21. Take care on fish tanks not using power required decorations or gadgets. 22. Always wash full load of laundry with washing machines.23. Instead of drying the cloths using washing machines, let the job done by sun light.24. Maintain heat inside room using thermal lined curtains, proper ceiling and floor insulations.24. Wood burners and pellet burners are efficient method to save energy than using electric room heaters.Bonus tip:25. Remember to check and understand the required power consumption for each equipments you are purchasing. A good understanding on these measures help you to select the best. Also, it is important to acquire enough knowledge on all the measures that decide your electricity bills. such knowledge help you to save money by identifying counter measures to reduce electricity usage. You can consider saving energy as a short budget along with your main family budget. Take all possible actions to use electricity intelligently and confirm you are not wasting power. Teach your kids and family members about the requirement of saving power for saving money as well as for a better today and tomorrow.