Berkshire Meeting 2011 Live Blogging


birkshire-meeting-3148961Here is a live blogging of BirkShire Hathaways 2011 annual meeting sessions done by NewYork Times’s Dealbook. Michael J. de la Merced will be live blogging the meeting, while Andrew Ross Sorkin will be part of the panel of reporters asking Mr. Buffett questions.

Started at 8.09 am, this live blogging covers each of the section by section happenings in the meeting until it adjourned at 5.17 PM. It is a very interesting read for those who are interested to read the happenings inside Birkshire and love to hear what Warren Buffett says on money and business.

Read the live blogging

Also, here is a list of complete articles related to Brikshire recent happening, which also a wonderful read. It covers all about the recent Sokol issues by what Buffet Said and what sokol replied…