Best Publisher Programs for Bloggers


Article by Sherin Dev

This article is from my personal experience. As a blogger, I have tried and tested various publisher programs like Adsense, Chitika, Adbrite and in-content programs like Infolinks, Kontera and more and more. My experience on success was not to that expected level with these programs. Considering the low traffic level to my blog, I have started searching for good publisher programs and finally landed with three that provides me consistent revenue from my blog.

good-publishers-1413113I thought it would be beneficial, especially for small bloggers, starters who has less traffic. I am sure joining these programs would help you to earn handsome money, not in high level, but to maintain your costs easily. Have a look. Feel free to inform if you have any experience with any of this. If so, I may able to help because I have spend lots of times with these programs to get success..
Text-Link-Ads (

tla-5694428My major revenue generator is Text Link Ads for years. I have applied and got approved from TLA and within next two months, TSL provide me with 10 links which consistently giving money at the end of each month to my Paypal account. Acceptances by the advertisers are high with TLA. Once any advertiser stopped, TLA would immediately give another ad for the blog and ensure all the 10 link ad places in the blog is engaged. Soon after joined to TLS, I have started earning and TLS is my main revenue source to meet all the expenses for maintaining blog and personal expenses. It is sufficient for blogger who have 100 unique visitors in a day. Found their customer care is excellent and well disciplined. TLA never give their publishers to run with issues, but always solve the issues at the earliest possible.

LinkWorth (

linkworth-6013819My experience with Linkworth is awesome. Comparing with TLA, Linkworth have various options like text links, in links, paid posts and graphical banners with different sizes. Their advertiser response is less compare with TLA, their major strength is the extra ordinary customer care. These customer executives and account managers are in time to respond to the publisher queries and solve their issues with excellent advices. Being a publisher with Linkworth is certainly a right step to earn more from various advertisements and time to time help from their highly experienced account managers and customer service.

Another major advantage of Linkworth is, they consider various angles of blog like back links, indexed pages than just traffic to the blog to accept a publisher. This is special when most of other companies consider only traffic to approve bloggers as publishers.

ClickBank (

clickbank-1990403Click bank is the final word for affiliate program. If TLA and Linkworth are mainly known ad the places to make money as a publisher, ClickBank offer an opportunity to make money as affiliate by promoting thousands of interesting products ranging from highly moving health and fitness, internet banking etc… A combination of one or more publisher program with Clickbank is an excellent suite for bloggers to make huge money. Once if you have a blog with considerable traffic and you have not joined with ClickBank yet, I am sure, you have lost wonderful chances to make money.

Joining procedures to these three programs are very easy and generally they will approve the publishers if they found they are ok and normal. However, remember the secrets “Patience Pays”. Before moving further to another program, take your time to contact an account manager in any of this program and ask their help. They will certainly help you with useful, working information. 508719-1607481