City or Suburb; Where to build your dream house?

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housing-7767520One of the most difficult questions each of us have to answer when planning to buy a house. Is it into a City or in a Suburb? Which would be better? Most of the time an answer gets influenced by the present status and living standards. Those who are from the middle class always in confusion to get a right answer to this question. This little article will clear your doubts on this.

Buying a house can be considered as a onetime huge investment for the middle class people. In that context, any move should be taken carefully with proper planning. Have an honest discussion with your family members to understand their preferences and identify the advantages and disadvantages of both locations. Be open and realistic. Such discussions would later come with good solution to make your next move to buy house. Consider asking the opinions and experiences from people from different ages who presently lives in city and suburbs. This would highly helpful to reach to a right conclusion.

However, buying a house in suburb would be an intelligent option. Big cities are being congested and the suburbs are growing fast. If you try to buy a house in the suburb in the coming years with the same price asking today, it would simply not possible to get one! Also the present and future living costs in cities should come under your consideration. Once started the retirement life, it would not be easy to live in a costly city, but a suburb would be an ideal location.Considering long time options than short term, buying a house in suburb at present point of time would fetch you with more superior house than any one available in the city within your present budget. It would also help you to save huge money when buy a house in suburb than buying similar one in a city. Such savings can be invested for future or buy another house to get stable income through rent or capital appreciation by selling later by utilizing the fast growing population in the suburbs.Considering all these facts, it is better considering suburb to buy a good house, cost effective life, money saving, happy retirement life along with possible income from intelligent savings and investments.However, one should ensure the availability of required facilities in the selected places. Consider the transport facilities for daily travel, how easy to commute to the work places, existence of required private and governmental organizations, availability of hospitals, education standards etc…