Dangers of Buying Products at Launch

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Are you an electronic or motor or credit card savvy? Or, do you love to buy any products as first at the very time of its launching? If yes, you may unknowingly doing a big mistake of possible loss of money by buying items that may not worth to the money you paid. Agreed? Below is the reason if not agree:

There are number of techno, electronic items launches in the market, daily basis. Some days or weeks before its original arrival, naturally the advertisements start appearing to the market with eye candy elements to shake customers mind to decide buying the product at the time of launching. If you search on the product using any available methods, you will get only good opinions about the product going to launch. Most of us don’t know that some of the best bloggers and sites accepting commissions from the company to boost their products to the readers as much as possible.

Most of the time people would write evaluations about any product before using it personally but as per the specifications and features available in the market. When Apple launches its iPad as first in the market, the crowd was huge to get the same as first. Later we have read that apple reduced the price of the product to attract more customers and those who have bought the product at the launching day this became great fools in this era. Some of them went to court to get back the excess money paid to apple for the product but that is another story. However, this is a best example on possible lose of customers if buy the product in its launching day itself.Another part is, for example, Microsoft products, most of them comes to the market and later the vendor itself identify it have incompatibilities and start sending patches to its customers. It will continue until the product stop production or sale to the public. This has some time happens to motors too. We have recently read the news that a famous motor company informed its customers to bring back the cars to rectify its manufacturing defect that have found later after its launching and lacs of people brought it.An intelligent customer needs to be waiting till getting some of the fruitful evaluations and opinions from the market to ensure the product is worth for the money paying. It may sometime takes months, but a waiting period would pay better to them by getting right products or avoiding wrong products launched to the market with huge advertisement spending and eye candy words and pictures…Are you and intelligent investor or the one who want to fool self by not considering the facts and experiences? Think and act yourself well. Whatever you have, you have and whatever you lost, you only lost…