How to Make Big Money with Amazon Site Stripe

All of us, bloggers, are aware about Amazon and its associate program for bloggers and publishers. Through applying Amazon Associate program, publishers and bloggers getting excellent opportunity to generate handsome income when adding Amazon product banners and advertisements to their sites or blogs. Do you think this would work for all bloggers? No. It wouldn’t. Main reason for the failure would be not having enough traffic to your blog. Another reason could be not adding right advertisements. This would of course, turn the publishers unhappy and they will remove the ad from site to free up space.

But today the story changed entirely. Through introducing a unique program named Amazon Site Stripe, Amazon opening its door to all publishers and bloggers regardless of traffic or visitors other than your mom, to generate good money by spending little time on the net.

Through Amazon site stripe program, an associate able to tweet any product information directly to millions of twitter users whenever she/he want. If anyone click on the link you have tweet, will take them directly to the product window hidden with your associate ID. If a sale taken place, you will get commission for that! Amazing! Isn’t it?

Here is the step by step guide to make money from Amazon Site Stripe feature.

1. Create a blog in Blogger. This is only for applying for this Program and Twitter account.

2. Create a Twitter account and configure it for everyone to see your tweets.
3. Go to Amazon Associate Central and create an account there.4. Once your account approved, login the Amazon Associate Central

5. Enable Amazon Site Stripe option there

6. Search for a product and click on it to go to the product information page7. Check for the menu at the top of your window similar to the following8. Click on “Share on Twitter” option (see the image below)9. In the coming new window, provide your twitter credentials10. Find the information in the tweet window. Enhance it as you wish. Click on update. Remember to not make any changed to the shortened URL there.You have done!

Now it is the time to do more tweets with more products. Remember to not spam on twitter with lots of tweets at a time or your account will get dismissed. As a best practice, tweet only best sellers, new releases from various product sections by understanding what people really want. Make these tweets as a practice for everyday. Confirm your tweets reaching to the right community at right time. For example, you should understand when most users visiting twitter in US time and need to tweet US products to them. You have option to create multiple accounts in Amazon focusing people from various geo location like UK, Canada, US etc..

Here are the success points when using this feature:

1. Success with this activity entirely depends on how disciplined you are and how knowledgeable on what you are doing.2. Focus of the community with right product at right time. If you tweet a UK product to the US community, would be useless.3. Understand the hot deals with Amazon for different countries time to time and tweet that products to the twitter users in that location. You should be aware about the timing when users entering to twitter from various locations.4. You should create multiple accounts to focus to multiple locations to tweet right products to them at the right time.5. As it is a new feature uniquely introduced by Amazon to the online shopping word, it may require some hard work at the beginning to get succeeded with this new venture.6. Remember to be an early bird. Start it today before everyone get knowledgeable and starts this activity.A requirement of having own blog comes to picture only at the time of creating an Amazon Associate and Twitter Accounts. Once it approved, you never required your blog in picture. It mean, a person who have an Amazon Associate ID and Twitter account can easily generate income if spend little time of the net everyday in right time!With above context, I can easily say it is a unique program to create big money utilizing little time on net. You should have a look at the earliest. Best wishes.

Picture: Don Hankins