Money Hacker Best in October 2009

Here is the time again to introduce the best article I have posted with Money Hacker in the month of October 2009. In this month, my blog have seen number of fantastic articles that have enjoyed by lots of new and regular visitors. Here is a link to some of that best article for your immediate access and read.

Secret Value Investing Formula – You Never Find in Books – This is really a wonderful article lots of people agree with that. It using some of the simplest approach to introduce and understand what Value Investing really means. If you read this article, I am sure you will get complete idea on what is value investing and how to move to become a good value investor. This is my promise.

Guide to the Core of Family Financial Planning – Is an article useful to understand what really financial planning means and what is the importance of financial planning in the context of a family. It shares some well collected and visited tips which I have practicing for long time.

Money Hacker Free E-Book Download – Here is a gift for my readers and new visitors. A well written e-book anyone able to download freely from this site. This is a collection of practices and step by step guidance to become protected from recession and financial problems. It also a good workbook to start and plan your finance in a well, fail proof way. Download and enjoy. If you don’t like this, I bet I will stop blogging!

The Role of Comparison to Make Successful Decisions – It is a funny article exposed the importance of the word and activity “comparison”. Human nature always compare things but through this article you will get to know how comparison help us to take wonderful investment and personal finance decisions!

Revisiting Margin of Safety Formula – Margin of Safety Formula is the classic gift from Graham to the investors. There are lots of people still struggling to even understand this formula in a proper way. Here is your right place to know all about this formula to practice this as a value investor!

Two Lessons Honeybees Teach Investors – This is an interesting article for investors, especially beginner investor to learn 2 biggest lessons from honeybees. I am sure you will enjoy reading this article, to the utmost because it had written in a way anyone can understand the moral properly.

Picture: Matti Mattila