The 12 Investment Myths: Why Individual Investors Are Failing Miserably and How You Can Avoid Being One of Them

Over time, the stock market creates great wealth for investors. And yet, most investors do not become wealthy by investing in the stock market, instead having experiences that range from inadequate to disastrous.So why the disconnect?The answer is found in a set of widely held, mistaken beliefs about what it takes to be a successful investor. At first glance, these investment myths seem grounded in logic. In reality, though, these beliefs provide investors with perfect blueprints for investment failure by encouraging in them an emotion-driven, trading-intensive mentality.

These myths are propagated by Wall Street, which reaps huge profits from this behavior and by the financial media that is starving for sensationalistic content.As an independent investment advisor, Jack Calhoun has spent much of the past 15 years educating investors about the dangers of these mistaken ideas. In The 12 Investment Myths, he explores and debunks these myths one-by-one and in the process sets investors on a path to harness the tremendous wealth-creation machine that is the stock market.