Understand the Hidden Traps in Investment World Through the Story of Monkeys

Article by Sherin Dev; Follow me on Twitter

Here is a funny yet meaningful story for investors to understand the traps and cheats associated to investment world. This is a simple story but passes a meaningful message to all. Some of us may have read this story earlier but I am not sure what moral they had received from it. At the end of this story, you will get the real moral of what it mean. Have a read:

“Once upon a time a man told a small village, “I will buy monkeys for $10 each.”

Since there were many monkeys in the forest, the villagers caught them and sold them to the man.As the supply of monkeys diminished, the villagers’ efforts slowed, so the man offered them $20 each.They renewed their efforts but the supply of monkeys diminished further, so he increased his price to $25.Soon, no one could even find a monkey in the forest.

The man increased his price to $50, but announced, “Since I must go to the city on business, I authorize my assistant to buy monkeys on my behalf.”

As soon as his boss was gone, the assistant told the villagers, “My boss has collected lots of monkeys. I’ll sell them to you for $35 and then, when he returns, you can sell them to him for $50.”

The villagers rounded up all the money they could and bought as many monkeys as possible. Then they had monkeys everywhere…… but they never saw the man or his assistant again.”

Moral of the story in an investor perspective:

Investment is something that shouldn’t happen by the word of any one. An investor should have enough commonsense to understand the real intention behind the word of people, news’s and any kind of tips frequently circulating and available in the market. This story tells us the requirements of having our own research and study prior to make any investments than do the same by hear the word of brokers, tipsters, analysts. Such groups generally have have personal intentions to get money than make others wealthy. Have must required investor’s qualities, commonsense, discipline and patience, to become an intelligent investor. Have your own study about anything and take your own decisions than hear the advices from the mouth of others.

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