5 Money Resolutions for 2012

Here are some really simple money resolutions for the year of 2012. It is easy, any one can practice and highly helpful to build wealth and support for financial prosperity. Normally, people would rush to make financial resolutions and that would be get dropped after first week of January. However, very few would make realistic resolutions and they would stick on that and achieve the results at the end of each year.If you are a person having habits of making incomplete resolutions for all the new years, you can consider this as it is really simplified resolutions.

1. Save a Little for Future

Anyone can save money little by little throughout the year. Only requirement for the same is to identify what needs to be dropped to save that money. It can be a weekly movie, a day out, unnecessary and not using facilities etc. Have a look into your personal life and identify if you have some hobbies or routines that involve money and that you really not want. Save that money throughout the year to get a considerable savings at the end of year 2012.
Start a SIP for ChildIf you are a father or mother, prefer starting one or two SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) with credible mutual funds that have outstanding history and extra ordinary fund management abilities. Your kids would praise you later. You can even start this at the time of any special occasions like kids birthday etc… No need to start with big amount. The minimum amount the fund required also work better to start a SIP in it.

Have some money in Bank

To meet unexpected emergencies, have a practice of saving some money in the bank account as an emergency fund for your family. Believe it or not, those who have emergency fund in such kind have more peace in mind than those not have one. Having such fund would give you extra boldness to face any issues at any time.

Update Job Skill

Be serious to your job. Try to learn new skills and or update your existing skills to reach to a better position in job or get a job whenever you have an issue with present job. Updating skills and learning new skills are the best way to tackle job losed by trying jobs to multiple streams, and this is a less know secret.

Start a part time activity

Each and every people have skills. Those who have identified the same early, would reach to the top of glory. Why don’t you try to identify a part time work that you have passionate too, to make it as a second income stream? It can be anything that help you to earn little money, that would be even sufficient to achieve first 3 resolutions in this year.


Identifying and fixing resolutions and sticking on it is not a job for lazy people. Handwork and discipline proven that they can take people to any level they wishes to reach. If you are even not able to stick with small resolutions, I can only say “pity on you”!

Sherin Dev, a financial writer, investor and the founder Investinternals.com and moneywithmoney.net financial blogs. Follow him on Twitter or in Facebook. Any queries on articles, guest posts, contact at investinternals@gmail.com