The 86 Biggest Lies on Wall Street


The 86 Biggest Lies on Wall Street – A Must Read for Any Investor!

the-86-biggest-lies-on-wallstreet-3903759I have recently visited a biggest bookshop in my city and spotted “The 86 Biggest Lies on Wall Street” by John R. Talbott which came as new. Have a look deep inside the pages as usual and found it have something special for an investor like me. It deals with 86 biggest lies on wall street which provides sporadic insight to some of the common assumptions that later land to great mistakes.

In the investment mistake side, I have attracted to a lie named “Invest only on monopoly businesses”. The explanation by John in this section is very nice because this advice, even continuously giving my Jim Crammer, would affect the free market system by John’s perspective. Another area he covered is the mistake happens to investors by pointing more to the EBITDA data because of possible errors may happen to investors and which lead them to a decision of investing is some stocks by considering it is cheap but it would be in high valuation in reality.

This book arranged in a manner of lies happening in various areas: Lies About What Caused This Mess, Lies About How to End the Crisis, Investment Strategy Lies, Stock Investing Lies, Bond Investing Lies, Lies About Other Investments, Lies in Economics, Lies in Finance, Lies About the Global Economy, Lies About Hedge Funds and the Derivatives Market, Lies About Government and Regulation, The Real Reform Needed on Wall Street.

It have also given satisfactory explanation on each points why John feels those are lies in the Wall Street. “The 86 Biggest Lies on Wall Street” is certainly a first class read for investors to get eyesight to come of the important areas of investment valuation and personal finance.

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