Great Valentine’s Day Gifts that Don’t Cost a Fortune


A guest article by Evan Fischer

valentines-day-gift-ideas-1284163This holiday devoted to the heart can quickly get out of hand in terms of expenditure when you’re buying roses and making reservations at fancy restaurants. But your honey doesn’t need all that to feel the romance. So why not save your dough and go for a few gifts that are sentimental (rather than cent-mental)? Here are just a few that will delight your loved one without costing a fortune.

1. Valentine’s card – If this is your only gift it had better be good. So pull out all the stops with colored craft paper, ribbons, glitter, and glue and create a card that your 5th-grade self would give two thumbs up.

2. Love poem – Shakespeare you are not, but that doesn’t mean you can’t string together a few lines to tell her how you feel. If you’re too embarrassed to do it on your own, turn to the fabled bard and borrow a few of his timeless words.

3. Dark chocolate – Some girls hate to get chocolate because of the high fat and sugar content. So get your sweetheart a sweet treat that won’t go straight to her hips with some fancy dark chocolate from a specialty shop. It’s a bit pricy, but a little of the good stuff goes a long way.

4. Potted roses – Don’t waste your money on a dozen stems that are going to wilt within a couple of days. Instead, pick out a pretty pot and plant a rose bush for your one true love. Every time she sees it she’ll remember your gesture.

5. Dinner in – Whether you’re firing up the fondue pot, trying your hand at sushi rolls, setting up a wine-tasting complete with a cheese platter, or preparing a 5-course meal, cooking for your honey on this holiday can save you a lot of hassle and dough.

6. Name a star – For just about $50 you can go to the International Star Registry and name a heavenly body after your honey. Present her with a chart and certificate tied with ribbon (or framed) and let the double entendres ensue.

7. Keepsake box – This is something that you can easily create. Go to the craft store for a papier-mâché box and some decoupage glue, and then get busy printing out photos of you and your honey to glue to the box. You can add all kinds of decorations to make it special, and then encourage her to put her favorite keepsakes from your time together inside.

8. Playlist – The modern mix tape is a great way to tell your lady love how you feel, so populate it with love songs that will pluck her heartstrings and put her in the mood for love.

9. Movie night – There are many ways to entertain your sweetheart (a clown, a quarter, a magician Surrey or Vegas style). But all you really need is a bowl of popcorn and the perfect rom-com. But instead of going for a modern offering full of cynical banter and gross-out jokes, opt for a classy classic like The Philadelphia Story or It Happened One Night.

10. Promise ring – While some people go all out and blow a wad of cash on an engagement ring for Valentine’s Day, you might be better off skipping the pressure (and the expense) and opting instead for a promise ring. All you need is a simple band of some sort (even a ring pop will do if she can take a joke) and a few fancy words to let her know how devoted you are. 508719-9171075