30 investing mistakes by investors

There are some intelligent actions required any investor to lead his investment to a big success. But, majority of investors are losing there entire money through investments. What is the reason behind such huge failure? Below is the list of 30 common mistakes most of the investors make frequently. As an investor, knowing these mistakes will give you more success.

1. Start investing without any goal or plan.2. Investing without proper research or study3. Buying stocks at the time of selling and selling at the time of buying.4. Short term trading by greed instead of long term investing by patience.5. Following the actions of big famous investors, FII’s (Foreign Institutional Investors) or fund houses6. Following the public blindly7. Investing in penny stocks8. Taking advice from Uncle Sam for investing or taking advises from a wrong, non-qualified adviser.9. Believing tips, analyst reports blindly10. Investing on market rumors11. Greed12. Not having good understanding on the company, business, before investing in a stock.13. Ignorance of necessary valuation methods to analyze a stock or analyze performance of a company.14. Investing without discipline and patience15. Ignorance of the basics. I.e. meaning of investing, what is a stock, how stock market working etc.16. Ignorance of factors that capable to lead a market to bear phase or bull phase17. Buying through IPO’s only18. Unable to evaluate a stock to identify to buy or sell19. Investing only on hot sectors or companies from a fast booming sector like internet, real estate etc.20. Marrying stocks with emotional attachment21. Borrowing money for investing in stocks22. Using credit cards for investing23. Being panic when fluctuations happening24. Monitoring the portfolio multiple times in a day or week25. Not knowing portfolio diversification26. Over diversification by ‘n’ number of stocks27. Selling good stocks to meet temporary money requirements.28. Over enthusiasm and expectations29. Overconfidence30. Investing only to avoid taxHope the above list will help an investor to take a self assessment as well as help to avoid such mistakes in the future. Be an intelligent investor.Please feel free to inform any points that you feel I had missed in the above list and good to add within.