A Fasting Approach to Kill a Habit That You Don't Want


“Bad habits are like chains that are too light to feel until they are too heavy to carry” – Warren BuffettYesterday, I met one of my long time friend while walking on the road. We went to a coffee shop to chat and ordered 2 special coffee but he refused to have coffee at that time. Upon asking, I got understood this is a holy month for them and all of them are fasting for entire day. I have asked him a lot about the same and he had cleared all my doubts and explained some advantages of fasting for a month. This was the first time I thought about fasting which is best for good health and to get discipline and patience in life. I appreciated him.

good-habits-bad-habits-7968033After saying a bye, I thought I will fast at least once in week by attracting the advantages of doing the same. While thinking to find out a particular day in each week, I got stuck with question, or a great idea, why don’t people utilize fasting as a method to kill or perfectly control a habit that they really don’t want more. If do so, they can escape from a bad habit and can save lots of money too. This article is an excellent answer to that question where I am sharing my idea to stop a habit using fasting approach.

Before coming to the subject, We will have a look on what Wikipedia says about fasting. It says “Fasting is primarily the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. A fast may be total or partial concerning that from which one fasts, and may be prolonged or intermittent as to the period of fasting. Fasting practices may preclude sexual activity as well as food, in addition to refraining from eating certain types or groups of foods; for example, one might refrain from eating meat. A complete fast in its traditional definition is abstinence of all food and liquids” So, it is the time to come to the subject. Any habit that cost money to a certain extend, it may less or more, required to take necessary action to avoid using well disciplined approach. Willpower certainly plays huge role here, but this article intends to provide a disciplined approach to support that willpower. Below are some action an individual need to perform prior to practice this approach:1. Individual required to identify a habit, whether it is cost money or not, that he or she not required to go with further.2. Remember and list any action you have performed earlier to stop such habit and list the reason cause failure.3. Identify how frequently you fall to such habit in each day.4. Identify the time range you frequently use this habit. For example, between 10 am to 3 pm or 5 pm to 9pm etc.5. Calculate the money lose for a day because of having this habit.Once after performing the above and do necessary listing, it is the time to fix a range to proceed with fasting approach to kill the habit.A small interruption. I have taken the fasting approach from a particular community. Whether it is a child, teenager, youth, adults or elders, people from this community consider a particular month for fasting. When fasting starts, they strictly follow their schedule by controlling any of their tendencies to make it a huge success. As per them, a person can have food or drink before 6am in the morning or after 6pm in the evening. They never touch food or drink between 6am to 6pm. It is a custom but, it give us lots of chances to think our self to utilize such method for our betterment.Practice this approach. Once after you have identified the time range you most frequently utilizing for the habit, next is to fix a range starts from one hour before your start time and ends one hour later your end time. For example, if your smoking is high between 10 am and 5 pm, fix a range between 9 am to 6 pm. Be disciplined to smoke only before 9am or after 6pm. Decide to not smoke between 9am to 6pm. Control yourself and your tendency maximum by a thought in mind that you can smoke later upon the completion of your fixed time. Such thoughts energize your brain to inject more power to control and depress any tendency until prescribed time.Follow this practice for next one or two months. Analyze the progress. Identify how much money you have saved due to practicing such habit. Increase the time range gradually, to completely kill the habit eventually, forever, from your mind and life.Remember a truth. Even all the kids from the above said community bound to their religious law to strictly follow fasting time schedule and if they do such without any failure by controlling any tendency before the said time ends, as an adult or youth, why don’t we able to control our needs for a prescribed time for the betterment of self and family? If a kid is able or forced to control himself by a strict law, we must do it our self by obeying our own created law. Have this mindset to acquire and go ahead with superior willpower.

I have already posted two most interesting articles, how a dream lead me to stop my smoking habit and how a person can convert his bad habits to millions. Read both. These are so interesting like a fairy tales. Keep reading such article that always support your thoughts and inject more energy to stick with your decisions. You will be certainly a winner.

You can shape this practice as well, in any way, to utilize it in a more efficient way. If you have such better idea in your mind, inform me too, to share the same with forthcoming readers. Use a brilliant comment to share your ideas or at least criticize me to write more efficiently.

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