BICII – Best Indian Companies To Invest In – TMM Post Schedule Calendar

Value investing practices required two types of analysis skills, Qualitative and Quantitative, to identify the best businesses to invest for long term wealth creation. Any individual, who plan to invest using value investing principles and practices, must know the qualitative part as the first and prior to move with quantitative side. Through this new initiative, TMM kick-off a Monday series named TMM-BICII (Best Indian Companies to Invest In), introducing the 10 carefully selected prominent Indian companies for our readers to know and analysis under value investing approach.

My analysis on the companies in this series is more focused to qualitative factors than quantitative. To kick- off this new initiative, here is the calendar schedule for you to know when we are posting the article on each companies.

TMM-BICII Post Schedule Calendar

08-June-2009 – Britannia Industries Posted

15-June-2009 – Glaxo Consumer Care Posted
22-June-2009 – Nestle India Posted
29-June-2009 – Proctor & Gamble India Posted
06-July-2009 – United Spirits Limited
13-July-2009 – ITC Limited
20-July-2009 – Hindustan UniLever Limited (HUL)
27-July-2009 – ICICI Bank
03-August-2009 – Asian Paints
10-August-2009 – Blue Star IndiaThe essence of my analysis intend to know you why the company falling to the value investing basket. Even though, by remembering the first law of investing, “never invest upon advise from uncle Sam’, as a reader and investor, you are highly required to do your own study prior to make any move.Remember, any numbers I may use within any of this series may have received from third party sites or from the company websites. You are still requested to have your own study than just believing what I am saying here. This will help you to avoid any possible mistakes and mentioning here for other readers to avoid those mistakes.I am sure, this series help you to identify best companies. Never forget to subscribe this articles. Through subscribing, you can ensure, not missing any part of this series.You are always welcome to ask questions or queries at any point of this series. If you know any fact, more than what I am mentioning here and about any companies in this series, requested to comment here to inform such to other readers too.