Debt-Free Forever by Gail Vaz-Oxlade

TIRED of getting to the end of the money before you get to the end of the month? Wish you were in control?

If you’re afraid to open your bills, if you’ve never added up how much you owe, if you can’t even imagine being debt-free, it’s time to join the thousands of people Gail Vaz-Oxlade has helped. Her straightforward approach to money management is based on self-control, hard work, and prioritizing what’s really important. Debt-Free Forever is Gail’s step-by-step guide, and she’ll show you how to:

– Figure out how much you’ve actually been spending- Calculate how much you owe—and what it’s costing you- Build a budget that works- Maximize your debt repayments so you can be free of consumer debt in 3 years or less- Prepare for a rainy day so it doesn’t mean a major setback

– Set goals for your new, debt-free life

It showed how to make percentages of the various categories of expenses and savings thereby allowing us to make a pie chart showing where the money is going. Gail uses a jar method for weekly expenditures, but you could also use envelopes. This book is clearly written for the oblivious reader who somehow woke from a coma and declared, “I wonder how in debt I am” and is on a mission to find out. There are people like that who must first see the magnitude of the problem before they can take the steps to acknowledging and working their way out. Gail pulls no punches in upfront telling the reader that the way out is not nearly as easy as the way into massive debt was.

All in all, however, the book is good for those who need a push to take on the project of becoming debt-free.It’s a “how to” book on acknowledging, getting out and staying out of debt forever! That is well worth the price of this book. Read the principles, apply them, and you can become and stay out of debt.

Make no mistake: Getting out of debt isn’t easy. But in Debt-Free Forever, Gail gives you a clear strategy and the steps needed to implement it. So if you’re finished with excuses, overdue notices, and maxed-out credit cards, pick up this book, follow Gail’s plan, and start becoming debt-free forever.