Featured Video: Top Ten Money Saving Tips

This is an interesting money saving tips video I have found in YouTube, discussing some interesting methods to save money. As a personal finance blogger, this video caught my attention immediately. I have found the tips are very simple, sensible and totally practical for families to save money. I thought it would be a great idea if I could share this nice video for our readers.

In this video session, OnePotChefShow discussing about below tips:

Tip 1: Making a list of everything in your kitchen cupboards.Tip 2: Make a Food Planner DiaryTip 3: Tips on grocery shoppingTip 4: Save money from Buy in BulkTip 5: Reuse and recycleTip 6: Save money from cooking equipementsTip 7: Save money from Eating HabitTip 8: Start saving coinsTip 9: Save money from electricityFinally, Dig for discountsWatch it and enjoy. It is worth watching!
How do you feel? If you have similar tips, you can comment here for other readers too.