How I Raised Money to Purchase My First Stock

Here is a little biographic article for those who always complain that they had no money to invest after meeting the regular expenses. I like to let you know the method I have used to raise money to

purchase my first set of shares about 15 years back when I was rarely had good, permanent job and good salary. Those who went through my previous articles or a regular visitor of this blog might know that I have a habit of piggy bank savings from quiet long time as well as a direct equity investor. I have collected reasonably well amount with my piggy bank habits. When my time came to purchase first set of shares, I was not interested to dip to my piggy bank savings but, used my own simple methods to raise required amount to trigger my first purchase.As I was searching for a right job about 15 years back, I have worked with various firms in very small positions. I rarely got good salary to meet my day to day expenses. By the born interest of share trading, I managed some amounts to purchase my first 10 shares of a well known company.

Below are the methods I have used to raise the required amount for this purchase.

• I never borrowed any money from anybody. Instead I used my own simple methods to purchase the shares• When I was getting salary, I used to keep 10% of the amount in a separate box. Of course this was very little at that time. I have used a separate box because, the bank savings accounts was costly at that time.• When I was spending 100 bucks at any time, I saved 10% of the same, which is 10 bucks, to my special box.• When I was withdrawing 1000 bucks from the bank each time, even though it was very rare, I have managed to put 10% of the same to my savings box.• When I was smoking, I never forgot to deposit 1 buck to my box each time.• The money I was rarely getting as any present from my relatives or friends was directly going to the box.• The surplus coins I was getting at the end of each days bus journey to and from my workplace also deposited to the box.I am happy to say that I have not spoiled any chance to deposit coins to my box; it was totally separate from my piggy bank. After a year, I have surprised by seeing the amount I have collected with my special purpose box and it was little less to buy 20 shares of my intended company, a company I have studied on for long time before purchasing there shares, So, I thought I will take the balance from my piggy bank account and later I will add the amount to it. Thus I got the balance required amount from the piggy bank and kept in my hand very safely (This was the first and last time I have touched the savings I have made through piggy bank).From that point, I was really waiting to get the time to come for purchasing shares. It took really long time of more than 9 months to purchase the shares of the intended company with the right price. Finally I got it. With my pleasure, I am still holding these shares which already raised 3500% in its value. I have later purchased shares of various companies but, I still love the shares that I purchased as first, with my hard earned money, and are my most favorite in my stock portfolio.These shares later multiplied number of times through bonus issues and splits. An interesting factor is the dividends. The dividends I have got till today is nearly 6 times of the amount I have originally paid to purchase these shares at that time.I forgot to say the story of the money I have taken back from my piggy bank to fulfill the balance required amount. I have added that money back to the piggy bank after 5 years. But, the amount I have added is just double of the original amount I have taken to purchase my first shares.

Remember famous English proverb, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. If you have a true will, there is not only a single way but, you have multiple ways. My experience is a best example for that.

Hope you have liked this article. Feel free to share your thoughts on this article. Any comments on the same shall be highly appreciated.