Ideal Gifts for Children to Grow Financially Intelligent

This is celebration time. Lots of festivals including Christmas and New Year are near to our door steps. When thinking about gifts, we would first remember children. What are the best gifts for children? Of course, that should be something useful for longer time and able to build some good habits or practices to children that long lasts. Sometime it longs until the life span of the kid who receives such intelligent gifts.

Is there such wonderful gifts that sometime able to make the receiver wealthy? Yes of course, there are some. Such gifts should not only useful to play, use or eat, but able to teach good practices and hobbies to the kids. Here are some gifts that would be very very less cost when buys and later would comes as very precious to the life of those who receives such gifts! Learn about those gifts and identify a or more suitable to gift to those you are intend to do so. Let the kid learn something from your gifts and that would come useful to their remaining life in the form of a good practice, ideas, hobby or discipline.

1. Piggy BankIn my personal opinion, one of the wonderful gift anyone can give to any kid. Piggy Bank itself meant savings! Buy a neat and beautiful looking piggy bank for the kid and present to them. Mentor them how to use that. Inform their parents to take care of the kid using the piggy bank regularly and carefully. What else you required other than presenting a piggy bank, to teach any kid about the power of saving at its future advantages at their very early ages? Remember, this is the most preferred gifts by INTELLIGENT parents to their kids all over the world!

2. Illustrated books

Another highly enjoyable gift for kids who are able to read and understand the stories. Illustrated books on great investors and famous people are the best one to give them some understanding on the pathway to their success. This would certainly motivate the kids to become one like them or at least he or she would be able to identify some of the skills they have. Here is one on Warren Buffet’s Biography.

3. Child finance guides

Remember, this would be some specific books that suitable to only kids. In other means, such books should not make them bored. Books tells about money management in the form of stories that can enjoy by kids are the best suitable to add in the section. You need to identify such books that passes some good practices about money management, to the kids to whom you gifted such books too. Really a cheap gift, but with high usefulness! “Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees” is an example book that can gift to teen age kids and this would be able to form their financial management capacity. “The Everything Kids Money Book” is best suitable to younger ones.

4. Index funds

Gift your kids or those to whom you plan to give a gift in the form of an investment in the index fund. Index fund meant the initial investment meant to grow with their kids until they reach to their maturity age. Highly simple, useful and intended to build wealth associated to the age of a kid to whom this gift presented to. If any parent seeks to give a gift to their kids can certainly consider investing in index fund as monthly Systematic Way using little money each month.

5. Mid-cap Equities or fund

Mid-cap funds are meant to kids itself. These funds invests on the companies that is in the path to be a large cap fund later. It meant the kid to whom is in the early age, would get the benefit from the mid-cap companies that become large caps as the kids age grows. A wonderful option for parents or gift givers to focus the future of a kid.

6. Large cap fund or blue chip fund

This gift ensure steady income to the kid when they grows. With an intention to provide them financial support at their young age and when it is really required, there are no funds better than large cap investments for them. Invest initially amd present the child with a well decorated certificate and ensure the same will be kept safely.

7. Precious Metals

Little costly but most wanted, loved gifts in the world. If you are intending ti gift your kids at the time of their birthdays, festivals or any other occasion, prefer to give them this gift. This is little costly but would come as highly useful in the future.When selecting gifts for kids, remember, that should be something useful to their life in the future and able to teach them some good practices. No other gifts can compare with such given gifts.Time being, I have only this 6 frugal gifts to kids.If any of the reader of this article have any further idea, feel free to share here. This would be useful for lots of parents at this festival season.

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