Illustrated Biography of Warren Buffett


“I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” – Warren BuffettIn this weekend, I visited nearby bookshop to find anything possibly arrived as new within investment books. I have found a new title named “Warren Buffett: An Illustrated Biography of the World’s Most Successful Investor”. As its title looks something special, I have picked it to find what is in it than others. I got surprised! Unlike any other books related to Warren Buffett, this book is an illustrated edition originally translated from a Japanese book written by Ayano Morio.

warrenbuffett-4180938It looks like an illustrated comic book but rich information in it for an investor attracted to Buffet and want to know more about him as precise. I have spend enough time to read this book before buying it as my own tp present for someone. It draw an illustrated biography of Warren starting from his birth, child hood activities, eduction under Benjamin Graham, first investment, his additions to Graham’s style, Warren’s start up as a fund manager, meeting with Charlie Munger, history and takeover of various companies included Berkshire Hathaway, all illustrated such a nice way to understand easily without much complications.

The first thought in my mind was, this book is a fantastic gift for people who want to know more about Warren Buffet or kids who want to read biography or great people to get maximum inspirations from their success. I have bought one immediately upon completion of reading, to present the same as a birthday gift to a boy living next to my home. I have found this little guy was showing interest on business and thought this book will be a fantastic option for him as a gift to inspire his thoughts in a much better way. Certainly I will read the book again and again before gifting to him.I am sure anybody, weather it is a school boy or a senior investor, certainly entertain reading this book. As you expect, this book can’t be a competitor for other books on Warren, but it certainly entertain readers in its own way, providing all information on Warrens life, major events, investment style with its illustrated comic way. It would be consider as a greatest gift for Buffettologists to help explain their mania to the uninitiated.
Buy a copy now and have a look. You will certainly enjoy and ever can utilize this book in different way. It can be your right companion to spend your free time with or if you are traveling. It can also be used as a fantastic gift to someone interested in investments or want to know more about Warren Buffett. This book is a right gift for your clients or customers. It can consider as an illustrated short version of Warren’s simplified biography presented in front of us such a nice way even a 5 year old kid also able to understand and practice.I am sure this book never turn you bored. 508719-2593941