Invest from your bad habits

Here is a special article for those who don’t have money to save and invest for future because of any bad habits they have. Using this simple methods help such person to find money from

your bad habits itself (if they still not interested to leave such habit) using simple controls and save for better future. In many ways it will be useful to them in the future. At least they can use such savings for the treatments that required later for any illness they acquiring from the bad habits they is not the time to laugh. If you take little care and least required self control, you can save money enough from a bad habit, that you already have, to save the same for future. I am not insisting anyone to stop there present habits but, informing them how one can add some kind of control to turn such habits to collect little pennies regularly to a huge savings.Here are some best methods that can follow by any person who have some kind of money losing bad habits and interested to save some money for future but, not willing to leave the habit.• If you have a regular habit of drinking or smoking or any other, make a strong decision to avoid the same at least a day or half of a day in a week. If you are a smoker, decide to not smoke in any one day or half day of a week. Calculate your profit from not smoking in a day or half, deposit the same to a safe place. Like a piggy bank or a savings account. • Decide to not have your habit in the days that is important to you and family. Like birthday of your family member(s), children(s) etc.. you can also take this decision to any important occasions like Easter, Christmas etc.. Deposit such amount saved, to the account or piggy bank.• Add 5 dollars to your savings for each 100 dollar that you withdrawing from the ATM each time.• Add a minimum of 5 dollars to your savings each time when you use your card to purchase cigarettes or liquor or any materials that belongs to your bad habit.
• Add a minimum of 10 dollars to your savings when you conduct parties with your friends who has similar habits.
• Fine yourself by adding 10 dollars to your savings at any time if you feel guilty with your habits. For example, you are smoking a cigarette now and after throwing the butt, you have a feeling that you could have the same after some time, fine yourself by adding 5 or 10 dollars to your savings.• Identify possible methods like this to add money little by little to your account.Never dip into this savings. This should be most valuable to you because you have build this when spoiling your life, spirit as well as the future of family. So use it only for good future purpose.If you follow this process for next one year without dipping to the saving, you will be amazed the amount that have in your piggy bank or the savings account. You can use this to open an online trading account to buy and hold shares of companies that falling under the “competitive advantages and durable business” as per the legend investor Warren Buffett. Once done, sit back and relax then look how your money is growing.If you really liked this article, feel free to comment here. If you have any similar idea and feel the same will add value to this article, please feel free to narrate here.Thanks for reading.