Investment loses – what should you do next?

As a startup investor with very less experience, one can’t avoid the possibility of early investment failures and thus, lose of his/her money. After experiencing such, I found, most of the people never returning back to invest again. But,

a few people still be there with an intention to learn from their mistake and convert their lose to huge success later. If you are the one ever tasted any loses from your investments and decided to move away from further investments, this is the right article for you. It greatly deals with the possibilities of converting a failure to success.Before starting this article, I would like to draw your attention on a well known fact, any of the successful investors in this world, never succeeded with each and every penny they have invested to the market. Of course, they might have tasted some kind of investment loses. Whether it is small or big, there will power finally took them to huge success. How? Here is the answer.

As a beginner investor, always remember, you are not exempting from possible investment loses. Investment loses and successes are the two face of a coin, tightly associated to each other. Loses are the integral part of investing and no one can avoid it. Accepting this truth will help you to prepare your mind and heart to accept any loses that you may suffer at the beginning stage of your investing path. Below are the major points for beginner investors to keep in mind:

1. Never start investing with huge amount. As a starter, always start with very little amounts. This will not harm you if there is any possible investment loses in the future.2. Once if there is an investment failure, be fearless instead of running away. A panic investor has very little chance to succeed with. 3. Once if you had faced an investment failure, don’t be panic. Instead, start reviewing yourself for the cause of failure. A best way of doing this is, starting from the beginning. To do such, take a piece of paper and pen. Start writing each and every step that you have followed from the beginning. Rewind your memory maximum. Write all the steps from beginning, one by one. This will finally drops you to the exact point where you have made the mistakes for the failure. 4. Once after identifying the mistake(s), accept it. Never leave any room for such mistakes to be happen in the future.5. Always equip yourself by acquiring maxim knowledge to the areas where you feel you are really weak.6. Read the biography or autobiography of legend investors like Warren Buffett, to know more about their style and practices. This could help you to understand the best practices they have followed to tackle any similar occurrences that might have happened to their life.

Remember, nothing stops a person to run away from further investing decisions, once after experiencing any lose. Until you feels any such early lose never meant an investor is inefficient, it is a best experience to improve further to high success. As I said earlier, until you reach to a position of investing money successfully, always invest safely with very small amounts. Consider any early investment failure as an experience. Consider any small loses like you are paying fees to get enormous knowledge.

Following this advice will help you a lot to be a clear winner in the future. I am the guarantee for the same. My best wishes.


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