Learn personal financial planning with soccer – Part 1

“Learn personal financial planning with soccer” is a series of article connecting a soccer game to learn personal financial planning.Each part of these article describing the steps involved in the financial planning process and describing each steps connected to a football team and game. I am sure this will be a right move for beginners as well as experience people to understand what exactly personal financial plan means and what steps involved to that.

This is the very first part of “Learn personal financial planning with soccer”. It is dealing with the requirement of Financial Advisor.

Requirement of Coach for a soccer team and Financial Advisor for your personal financial plan

To plan, identify, build and co-ordinate a good football team, the requirement and role of a well experienced coach is a must. No one will select a coach who doesn’t have enough practical experience as a lead player as well as enough international, first class match experience. Through such, he will be able to coach a team and can lead them to the success. To select and appoint such coaches, countries and clubs generally do rigorous background check of each person shortlisted to select the best one from them to appoint as their football coach.

In personal financial planning, requirement and role of a well educated and experienced “financial advisor” is a must. If he has required qualifications and qualities for an advisor, he will be able to give you proper guidance and advices build a well, fail proof financial plan.

Prior to select and appoint a financial advisor, you could do a background check of the financial advisor just like that happening in to select a football coach. Here is an excellent article listing the top 10 must required qualities of a financial advisor. This will help you to do a self background check of each financial advisor and select a good advisor to appoint as your own.