Masterize in Financial Planning through Football – Part 2

Requirement and selection of a Personal Financial adviser This is a part 2 of the series “Masterize in Financial Planning through Football”In this part, I am telling you the requirement and role of a well qualified and experience financial adviser to approach and kick start your personal financial plan. Remember, this series intend to lead you through the essential steps to self start and manage your personal financial plan. Even though, those who still believe the role of a professional personal financial adviser is a must and not avoidable, can read this part.

If you are enough confident to plan your finance self and not willing to contact and select a personal financial adviser, you can continue reading with the next part. Even though, I highly recommended reading this section to get well awareness on the role of a personal financial adviser and criteria to select one.To plan, identify, build and co-ordinate a good football team, the requirement and role of a well experienced coach is a must. No one will select a coach who doesn’t have enough practical experience as a lead player as well as enough international, first class match experience. Through such, he will be able to coach a team and can lead them to the success. To select and appoint such coaches, countries and clubs generally do rigorous background check of the personnel short listed and select the best one among them to appoint as their football coach.In personal financial planning, requirement and role of a well educated and experienced “financial advisor” is a must. If he has required qualifications and qualities for an advisor, he will be able to give you proper guidance and advices build a well, fail proof financial plan.

There are some essential qualities you are required to find in a personal financial adviser.

1. He should be well educated2. He should have enough experience by handling reputed clients as well as a good list of customers3. A good personal financial advisor shouldn’t be greedy or work for getting commission from the companies or corporations for selecting and selling there products to his customers.4. He should be able to advise the proper instruments time to time and able to clarify why he select the same for you and the qualities on similar products available in the market.5. He should be able to understand the background, character and goals of his customer and able to lead him with advises time to time.6. Always remember a good financial adviser is easily approachable at any time.

7. A must quality of the personal financial adviser in “Patience”

Above are some essential qualities a Personal Financial Adviser should have but, not limited to.Below are two best related article I have posted previously, enough to help you to study the qualities and select a good financial adviser.

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