Rare Articles on Personal Finance and Investment

Here is a list of articles I have posted in this blog at various times. I presently sharing this articles as a link post by considering its specialty as ‘rare available articles’ in the net! Of course, you will find similar article in this kind but, never find any article that provide such details information on the subject like each of this articles do. Have a look on each and I am here for your valuable comments on its uniqueness, quality and depth.

Benjamin Graham’s Margin of Safety Formula

Information of Margin of Safety investing is one of the important teem searching by value investors around the world. If you follow the steps of father of value investing, Benjamin Graham, you never go forward without understanding his two classic parables, Margin of Safety and Mr. Market. For those searching for such, here is the end point to know all about the first parable “Margin of Safety” and what he meant through that.

What is stock beta for and how to calculate it?

Beta value a stock is nothing but it shows the relation of a stock or group of stocks to its index. Statistical calculations and formulas using to identify the exact beta value of a stock. Knowing the beta value of a stock will give you better idea on the volatility side of a stock against its index. Investor can identify the beta value of a sector, that is a group of stocks, to even know the volatility of the sector or stocks in that sector against the index.

Financial Planning Process Chart

This article providing a flowchart which clearly mentioned all the factors in personal financial planning and its sub-points to understand the process in a best possible and simple way. It doesn’t give deep or details information bu draws all the steps in a financial planning. In this context, this process chart could be a right reference for those who starting their personal financial planning.

What is EMI and how to calculate Equated Monthly Installment

In this article, I have given 2 scenarios and practices to help and calculate applicable EMI amount on your loan, with the use of Microsoft Excel. It used well simplified and easily understandable procedures and language to give you maximum understandings on the subject.

Required approach to macro and micro economic factors

An investor should have well awareness on the macro and micro economic factors that affecting an economy or stock market. Both of these factors can make changes to the investments made by investors. But, to which factor you should give importance as an investor and which one need to avoid? Here is the best answer and why.

Learn investing from Buffett’s advertisement

I am sure, this would be the only article in the net in this kind. It is deeply exploring the investment points related to an advertisement Buffett generally adding at the end of his “Letters to Birkshire share holders”. This article provide you excellent information on the required investment philosophies, that Buffett and Munger presently had, to become a successful investor!

Rare Articles on Personal Finance and Investment

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