Top 5 Twitters That Every Trader Needs to Follow


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top-finance-twitterers-2990607Every one is quite well acquainted with the word Twitter, though the sad part here is that people are not generally acquainted with what it is used for or what does it do. Twitter, the phenom thingy, we all have heard about is the 36th most visited internet site as per the census conducted in the year 2006 and is continuously climbing faster and faster. Experts suggest that Twitter will hit the top 10 most visited websites by this year. That is the absolute reason for a sane human to sign up there, for free, and be entertained with the humongous traffic over the site. What ever you are using Twitter for, it is the best source for both casual and official use. Students here can make new friends and socialize more, while professionals or working class have everything they seek on Twitter.

Twitter is not a typical social media website where people stay in touch and have fun with their friends and family, rather it is a micro-blogging service provider that allows its members, especially traders, to read and send other users’ posts or updates which are known as tweets. These tweets are the text-based updates or posts of a predefined character length that is up to 140.

These tweets are exhibited on the profile page of the user and distributed to other users who are listed as subscribers to that user, known as followers, similar to the day to day blogs which traders have on Word press, Blogger and/or ActiveRain. Members, who are traders, also have the facility to create their personal brand in their respective niche to promote their business, furthermore traders have the immense option to show and grow their expertise in their field and they also can help informing and educating potential prospects on their profile.All such tools, options and facilities are rendered just to help people link with the right Twitters that can give them business or open ways of more traffic and higher search rankings. The only thing that traders or any other business owner has to look for is the top and right Twitters to follow so as to generate elevated search engine rankings. So we have jot down a number of top twitters that could be best to follow for all traders, be them gigantic tycoons or infants into their business. Following such Twitters will really change the way you get your business socialize.

Guy Kawasaki: This is an incredible user who holds 130,000 people as his followers and besides that he is the managing director of ‘Garage Technology Ventures’ and is also a columnist for ‘Entrepreneur magazine’.

Dave Snyder: This guy is the co-founder of Search and Social. His posts regarding marketing and business for traders are really worthy of reading.

Anita Campbell: This lady is the editor in chief at Small Business Trends, she writes too much for entrepreneurs and traders.

Fred Wilson: He is the managing partner of Union Square Ventures. The tidbits of trading and business this guy posts are a must to spare plenty of time.

Christine Perkett: She is the CEO and the founder of Perkett PR, she has been entitled the PR Executive of the Year award in the year 2008. Business week also follows this trade-blogging woman.

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