Two Lessons Honeybees Teach Investors

“For so work the honey-bees, creatures that by a rule in nature teach the act of order to a peopled kingdom” ~ William Shakespeare

You may wonder on the title. Honeybee is a small insect and what it can teach to an intelligent human like us? Just wait. The time not yet came to surprise. At the very first, read this article. This would tell you some classic truths associated with these little insects.

We are now visiting to the world of honeybees. They would generally build swarm in hidden places to escape from disturbances and enemies. They are very tiny but can consider as a best example of hard work. They start their day immediately after the sun rise. Until sun set, they would search for flowers and collect nectar, drop by drop. It then accumulates to their swarm. They never become bored to search for flowers. They are ready to go anywhere whether it is far from their swarm or not, to achieve their goals. Finally, this little by little collection grows to the considerable amount of honey.

This is a moral story for us. No. It is a reality. It teaches two major lessons to investors. At the very first, it teaches us the requirement of discipline. Successful investments always depend on the discipline of an investor. Disciplined approach helps to grow our money when investing little by little. An investor could use the Dollar Cost Averaging if investing on stocks or can select Systematic Investment Plan if mutual funds.

Once an investor identified a good stock or mutual fund, he should move to invest on that. If an investor not able to identify a right time to invest, should take DCA or SIP path. This would help him to invest his money little by little and time to time in a disciplined way to grow his money to the maximum possible heights. This is the first lesson honeybees teaches us – Always be a Disciplined Investor!

If you have enough intelligence, you may have guessed the second quality what honeybees teaching us. Buffett once said, “Once you have identified a right stock, invest considerable amount”. This is the context to learn the second point.

Once if you are not willing to take the path of DCA or SIP to invest small amounts in time to time, your next option is to accumulate amount little by little to build a good capital. Remember, this path highly suitable for the people who have good knowledge on stock selections and know the right time to invest but not having enough money when right time approaches. If you are the one in this group, learn from honeybees on how to accumulate money little by little as they collect nectar. This is the second lesson – Have good money saving habit!

So, act intelligently. Have a well disciplined approach. Have a good saving habit. Watch the honeybees and learn from them about discipline, saving and success.

My Question to the readers of this article: Honeybees generally attack others when try to collect their accumulated honey. Even though, people steal the honey and go away. Similar situation sometime happen to investors too. Once if you lose your investment or the money you have accumulated, what would be your next best action? Would you stop investing or saving money? Or, would you bring back the rhythm again as a phoenix? What would be your action?

Picture: faeparsons