Watch Realtime Stock prices with MS Excel

Here is a method to access and watch real time stock prices with Microsoft Excel. This will eliminate the requirement of visiting the stock market site or any other site to find the real time price time to time. Thus you can save time.

The requirements to get real time stock price data with Microsoft Excel, First, you should have internet access to the computer, Second, you should know stock market web page where you can view the real time stock prices.

I have used NASDAQ most active stock index from this web address the below steps to get real time stock data to your excel and refresh in each and every minute, automatically.

For the Example, I have used the NASDAQ Most active Stock indice. (right click the link and select properties. You will get the web address). You can use the address of your stock market page, where you can see the real time price.

Follow these steps:

1. Open Microsoft Excel and Click on any Column

2. Select ‘Data” menu > select “Import External Data” > select “New Web Query”

3. In the Address Bar, give the exact web page address of the stock quote appearing with your stock exchange web site. (For an Example, I got the address of real time information of “Nasdaq Most active Stock Index” (address is http:// (no space after http://))

4. Click ‘Import’

Now you will be able to see the index of companies in your excel sheet. Don’t try to beautify the columns. If you do so, it will change again when the refresh happening. You can have a try. I have not tried this.Now our task will be to get real time data. To do so, the page should be refreshed time to time. A refresh in each 1 minute will do better.

To happen a data refresh automatically in each minutes, follow the below steps:

1. Go to the “Data” menu

2. click on “Import External Data”

3. Select “Data Range Properties” and select “Auto Refresh” to ‘1’ minutes.

Now you have a real time data of your interested index on your desktop with excel. You now don’t want to go to website to collect real time prices. Enjoy this excel feature.Comment if you like this article and once if you have any suggestions.