Weekly Link to Commentators Resources


“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” – William Arthur Ward

links-4502394I have started Money Hacker at the end of 2007 to share my thoughts on personal finance and investment to the world. Readership and comments to Money Hacker increasing very slowly but steadily. To understand what make the slow increase of readers, I have done a comparison study on my blog with some others and results revealed the slow growth happening due to the subject seriousness. I still happy to know my readers are very loyal and serious on the subject what they are really looking for. I am receiving very fruitful comments time to time, but not too much, compare with other big blogs. My blog also have posted some very nice guest articles from writers around the globe.

Whenever I receive a comment to any of my article, as a regular practice, I will reply to the comment immediately along with visiting commentators blog to add a return comment under an article I like. Upon receiving any guest article, I take extra care to post the article to my blog at the earliest possible time considering maximum reader visit. Enough credits and link back to writers blog always giving at the beginning and end of guest articles. My intention by doing such is to give them maximum benefits by sending my loyal readers to their blog too.

Moreover being a big fish in a small pond, I like to see myself as a small fish in a big pond. As a small fish, I have enough opportunities to do anything better to the world than being a big fish in small pond, where have limited opportunities remaining to grow more. To help my loyal readers to the maximum, I have widely opened the doors to my blog contents to everyone by releasing it’s copyright thus made it as an “UnCopyright’ blog! Through doing such, I have made my blog as a free source for everyone to read, copy, paste, distribute, reproduce, print or even publish any contents from it or use it whatever the way others want, without asking my permission!

Even after I made Money Hacker to an ‘UnCopyright’ blog, I still have not satisfied. Yes, releasing the copyright is the best I can do for my readers, but what about others, commentators and guest writers? Along with readers, commentators and guest writers playing major role to make my blog more resourceful and worthy. I thought I should do something extremely beneficial to my commentators and guest writers.

So, I have decided to create a timetable for adding link posts that connect to my commentators and guest writers blog in each week. I prefer to add an article in each month that links to the best posts in commentators blog. Also, I have reserved another posts with links to Guest Bloggers articles. I hope linking to their articles and blogs help them getting more traffic from my blog. Not only that, they are going to be an indirect beneficiary by commenting or writing in my blog!

Hereunder the first link list to the articles I have found in various commentators blogs:

Tips on Personal Household Budgeting providing with key factors and tips to create a fail proof personal budget. It explain the steps concisely and providing enough information associated to each step.

TradeStocksAmerica.com has excellent information on Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). As ETF’s are becoming more famous nowadays, it is must for an investor to know all about ETF. This is a right document for such.

Investors Times have a concise, excellent article titled : How to be a successful investor”. This article seems a good starting point for beginners to know some key investing principles.

Spendonlife has filled with wonderful information and services on credit, debt, loan. It also has a blog discussing about this subject with nice articles on score rating and knowledge base.

FreeAnnuityRates.com is a wonderful source for readers. It is an excellent place to get all required knowledge on annuity and annuity involved planning.

IndianValue presenting an excellent article to reveals hidden wisdom from Warren Buffet’s annual share holder letters. A good source to have necessary knowledge from the word of legend.

My Journey To Billionaire Club shares some great ideas on creating a balanced portfolio. It is a good read to have required idea about balancing an investment portfolio.

and Finally……

Superior Gold Inflation Chart by Superior Gold group is a right place to know all about inflation and how it affect an economy and personal life. it is a well drawn chart with all the information an ordinary individual need to know. I am sure, if you went through this chart, you would come to know and explain about inflation and its good and bad effects one by one. A must visit article.

To appear your personal blog or site within forthcoming weekly link lists, now I hope you know what want to do! 508719-1556414