What Prevent One From Being Millionaire


stop-2750825If you search in Google with the term “Being Millionaire”, you will presented with millions of websites and pages that a human not able to completely visit and read in his life. But, when search a term “being not a millionaire”, of course, you will not get any result from Google. Human nature always wants to be rich and live rich. They never like to think about not being a millionaire than being a millionaire.There would be enormous information, advice, tips and how to stuff available on the first question. But, in my search, I have not found any page explaining reasons which prevent people from being a millionaire. Keeping this truth in mind, this article intends to give you better idea on what prevent you from being a millionaire than another advice to become a millionaire. Read it, assess yourself, and take necessary action to correct any errors. Remember, doing such is not a promise to make you millionaire but, will help you to stabilize your financial life.

Assess yourself to identify whether your status or personality falling to any of the below group:Here to go:

1. A full time employee has limited chance to become a millionaire

This is a natural truth. When you are an employee of another person, more than being self, you are working for your employer to be a millionaire! Your knowledge, effort and time totally dedicated to the betterment of another person, employer. If you are falling to this group, you still have possibilities to be a millionaire. Visit my previous article How to make a three way active-active-passive income. This may help you to take additional measures to earn more from your own initiative than present limited earning.

2. Laziness

Laziness is a major enemy of one to come as financially safe. Being a millionaire is coming next to it. Laziness is a basic sin, prevents people from taking initiatives and measures. Such person always extends his duty for tomorrow and it never happen.

3. Lack of financial discipline for life

Financial discipline is a must required quality of any person who wants to make his life financially stable. Without right financial discipline, any initiative that related to financial status of him or family will come like a line in the water. Right financial planning is a must for those who really seeking better and stable financial status in the future.

4. A habit of borrowing money

Borrowing money push a person to enormous debt and any earning that he make later will not come as sufficient to save for betterment of life. Frequent borrowers generally putting his life as well as dependents to financial instability and later lead them to financial trouble along with his dependents.

5. Lack of financial knowledge

Any financial planning will not work for a person with lack of financial knowledge. As a first part of tuning and securing financial life, one should get necessary education to get all necessary financial knowledge that able to lead life to a better side.There are another factors associated like risk taking capacity, investment knowledge, selection of products etc. However above are the major factors able to prevent anyone from being a millionaire. 508719-5155516