iPad 2 For Travelers – Explore The Features


ipad-2-travel-2066491In National Geographic site, Mary Anne Potts have been posted this fantastic article. This is completely deals with the second generation iPad released by Apple last month and its features and how it helpful while traveling.It opens a window to the new features of iPad and tells how and why it is a suitable mate while traveling. this article covers its size, camera efficiency, battery and applications that help us to bring new iPad anywhere needed.

One of the important innovation in this iPad is its supported travel applications. With the addition of the new gyroscope and cameras, and the existing GPS, the world of travel apps is about to take off.

The gyroscope and GPS could enable some very cool virtual tour guides of favorite travel sites—say an iPad tour of Machu Picchu where you point your iPad at a feature and it tells you historical facts. Here are some of the more impressive new iPad travel apps out there:

JetSetter – Free

This visually stunning, content-driven travel app lets you discover travel destinations through a gorgeous layout and photography. The stories and editorial reviews will tantalize you to take a trip—and the app even allows you to book a hotel stay with a cool calendar feature. It also has “Flash Sale” limited-time travel deals.

TripAdvisor – Free

Thanks to the iPad’s digital compass, TripAdvisor’s vast database of user reviews are made available on Google Street maps. Simply locate yourself via the GPS, then read reviews of nearby restaurants and hotels positioned on a Google Street View map. What’s surprising is all the local information. I always considered TripAdvisor to be best for international hotels. But with the app, I located myself in my apartment in Brooklyn and it showed me all the restaurants and businesses on my street with contact info and user reviews.

Fotopedia Heritage – Free

Brilliant photos illustrate the world’s UNESCO World Heritage sites in this app. The Machu Picchu slide show alone has 59 images.

And many…

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