Highly Effective Interview Guide Part1


To plan your finance and start investing, you first required a right job. Those who have tried a lot for a job and still not succeeded, should read this article. These are some highly succeeded tips I had practiced to secure best jobs in my career, all the time. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, I am sure, following these tips will bring you high success. I can proudly say, I have authenticity for these tips, which I have developed as my own. I have stories of huge successes through practicing these tips. I have successfully completed dozens of interviews by practicing these tips, without any single point of failure. Some time I had received multiple offers from excellent companies to put me in trouble by confusion to select a company.


Attending interviews to grab the offers is an art. To be like, a person required to develop fail proof ideas and practice them continuously. Below are some workouts I have done and thought I would share these tips with readers for their betterment in career.This article cut down as 3 parts where I am covering some important rules in this first part. Technical interview preparation, one of the core of this article will be covered in the second part. Ideas to be a successful candidate in front of employers or interview boards, will be covered as last part. Confirm you are reading all three parts and it is worth taking printouts of these parts to refer at any point.

Rule #1 – Never apply to a good company

Yes. My success originally started from this rule. At the beginning of my job search, I took extra care to not apply to any best companies. Instead, I had sharpen my core and supportive skills along with soft skills to get full confidence to crack interviews with best companies. If you really would like to grab success by following this document, my first and best advice is, avoid applying to best companies until you are fully able and confident to do so. Applying to a good company required you to grab the job. Or you may lose the chance for life. Once lost, you generally never get an another chance to attend the interview with same company again. So, don’t take a try. Stop applying to good companies immediately and continue reading all three parts of this article. At the end, you will be able to understand why I said to not apply to good companies now.
Rule #2 – Know and build your core skillsEach candidates generally have set of skills. Core and secondary. Secondary skill even known as supportive skill. Always be clear about what are your core skills and put your maximum time to be a master with your core skills. Build your secondary skill(s) or supportive skill(s) as parallel. For example, if you are an engineer, your supportive skills may be better writing abilities, presentation abilities etc. Once after reaching to high comfort level with core and any supportive skills, you are in a position to meet interviewers.

Rule #3 – Get the help of job sites

Today, as a regular practice, candidates just posting the resumes to all available websites. Some time, people may post resumes to job sites that even not relevant for their skills and market. Be practical. You shouldn’t post your CVs to more than 2 or three best job sites that is popular in the place, where you are trying to get a job. Once after posting CVs to job sites, most of them feels they have done and starts waiting for getting interview calls. This is totally a wrong approach. When posting CVs to job sites, your effort really get starts. Here are some points one should always remember on job sites:- Check and confirm your posted CV status is 100%.- Never duplicate contents when registering with job sites.- To verify CV’s perfection, preview to know how your resume is appearing for an employer when he searches for such. Most job sites providing an employer perspective preview facility for candidate to know how it appears to employers or consultants. This is a good tool to make your CV error proof and perfect.- Verify contact details. Always verify to error proof your contact details. Confirm you have provided with backup contact details.- Most important point is to remember, always keep your CV updated. You should login to the job site regularly to update your CV. Do you know the reason which require regular login? Job sites generally have live or rotating databases. When you log to do any update, your resume automatically come to the first row. When someone else log and update their CV after you, his details will come to the first row and yours will go to second raw. So, keep login to the job site at least once in a day and do any minor update there to ensure your resume is always on top and reachable to the searching employers easily. To keep my resume active, I had a practice of login to the site daily to remove a comma or full stop there and re-add the same next day. This practice continued till got my job. This 30 second job always kept my resume in a right position with the database for the easy access of employers!- Remember to plant core key words in the eminent places. Preview your CV to easily identify the sentences used by job site engines to identify a candidate or right CV when searches happening. These are the eminent places where you should plant highly searchable contends. Employers generally search resumes by the name of jobs opening with them or the skills they are looking for. You must identify the popular name of your job and employer’s favorite skill requirements for that job. Then place it to the eminent place that used by the search engine to produce CVs to the searchers. To identify what basis the results appear, do some bogus search with the site. This will help you to identify the area in your CV using by search engines to produce search results.- Remember to hide your CV from the HR of your present company by using possible facilities providing by the sites. I have several experiences, several times the HR departments had received my CV from various consultants at the time I was working with them.- Upload your CV with a site like Google pages or else to refer the link to employers or consultants immediately. Some time if you don’t have net access and required to send the CV to a consultant or employer, you are in trouble. If you have updated your CV with a free space in net, you can simply inform the web address for them to download it easily.

Rule #4 – Know about the company

Whenever you hear from a company to attend an interview, remember to know maximum about the company before reaching to their office for an interview. Use websites to get all the necessary information about the company with latest news articles. This will help you to get impressed by the interviewers. When I was practicing these steps and reaching for an interview, I was able to say all about the company from its starting time. I have faced some interviewers, who were hearing some points about their company as their first time from me. Several time, this tactics helped me to move for the next round of interview.As I said above, this is a three part article and next 2 parts will be posted regularly by following days. Keep visiting and convey your comments and suggestion on this article. 508719-1413283