Why Apple Dethrones Google as Most Reputable Company


apple-dethrones-google-3168981According to a survey carried out recently, Apple has dethroned Google as the most reputable company. The survey is carried out annually to calculate the reputation of the major brands and organizations. Google had been leading the pack for the past few years. The popularity of the brand may not have suffered but Apple has been on a meteoric rise for quite some time. That fact has been substantiated by a report that clearly shows Apple has edged ahead of Google for the first time.

A Spectacular Change in Fortunes

At the turn of the millennium, the survey had reported that Apple languished at the 34th position in the list of the most reputable companies. A year later, they plummeted further, reaching the 40th position in 2001. Over the past decade, the company has had a spectacular change in fortunes. The return of the late Steve Jobs to head the company marked an improvement in policies. Not only did the company become highly profitable but also managed to capture a major market share. Their fan base expanded to previously unimaginable levels. From 2010 to 2011, Apple jumped from the fifth position to the first. A number of reasons can be cited for it. Every broadband expert would offer you a different version. While it can be said that Google has dropped a place, which is the wrong approach to take. It has more to do with Apple’s progress than Google’s decline.

Why Apple Dethrones Google as Most Reputable Company

As mentioned above, Google has had a fairly steady year. It is Apple’s exceptional performance in various areas that has led to a significant improvement in their ranking. Their success is attributable to a number of factors.

Steady Stream of Products over a Long Period

It all started with the iPod. Released in 2001, the device revolutionized the way people listened to music. With each new model, the gadget progressed and became one of the must haves of the decade. With staggering sales, it is one of the most successful inventions of our time. The iPhone and iPad and other gadgets carried the torch forward. Over the whole decade, Apple came up with new products, pushing the boundaries of technology. Each new device enhanced their popularity. This sustained popularity over a period of time peaked last year. With the new models of the iPad and iPhone releasing, the company experienced another phenomenal year.

Visionary Leadership

This past year, Apple lost its CEO, Steve Jobs, who succumbed to cancer after an eight year long fight. Jobs was the original founder of Apple and the man behind the Mac computers. He had been eased out of the company because of his emphasis on innovation instead of profitability. His return to the fold in the 90s rejuvenated the company and brought it out of the slump. Of the recent line of products Apple has produced, Jobs had taken the decision on each one of them. Though Apple can no longer have his services, their improved reputation has much to do with Steve Jobs’ visionary leadership.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

With a profit of over $25 billion over the past year, Apple has shown strong financial performance. Even the recession failed to dent the company’s revenue stream. Their new products sold like hot cakes. There is all the talk of inflation and decreased purchasing power but none of that seems to have an effect on Apple. Even with their competitors coming up with new gadgets to try and challenge their supremacy, Apple has held strong, with revenues of over $108 billion over the year in consideration.

Keeping the Employees Happy

Google may be the best place to work at, but Apple has been improving its standards. Their employees are happy and satisfied. They are secure in the knowledge that their jobs aren’t in danger because of the recession. The solid financial performance reflects the positive attitude and high productivity of Apple’s employees. The success is not possible without all the employees putting their best efforts for the company.

There is another point almost every broadband expert will agree with. Google’s major blunder with the launch of the Gmail app has dented its reputation slightly. Still, that may not be strong enough a reason to usurp it to the top spot it had held for the past couple of years.


Being named the most reputable company in the US is a huge achievement for Apple. However, they have to sustain their ranking for at least one more year if they are to silence all their doubters. There are still some critics who are voicing their opinions about certain issues regarding the company. It remains to be seen how the company works without Steve Jobs at the helm of affairs. For now, you can see the reasons why Apple has dethroned Google as the most reputable company.

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