A Personal View on Pre and Post Retirement Life


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retirement_life-2348849A word before starting this article may good to avoid possible confusions later. Whatever I mentioned in this article is my personal view only and in no way connected to anywhere, anybody or consider as an advice. I am just making a note on my personal view about how my retirement life should be and what would be its possible features.

One of the myths about retirement life is, it is the toughest time in one’s life. No job, no activities, always required to depend somebody. All these thoughts are utterly wrong. My personal retirement life never goes to face any such issues. Generally people think life after retirement is bored. But, I think that would be one of the best times I am going to get in my life. Like when I was a school child in my childhood.From the birth of one, he is either depends to someone or someone always would be there to depend on him. An example, in our childhood time, we all depend our parents. In the middle age, we have family to depend on us. Wife, kids, parents all become our dependents at this time. We are thus not free in our life. But, when retirement approaching to a person, he is of course going to be a free bird by getting relief from all such dependencies! It is certain; retirement plan should start at the earliest. Depends on the status of individual, it may vary. There should be some particular features to enhance the retirement life maximum. Find some of them mentioned below and add once if you have something in your mind, better than this.

Money Requirement

Money alone never brings happiness to anyone. But, the same time it would be able to bring happiness to your retirement life once if you had planned it properly. Yes, there are certain limitations, but money still able to play major role to bring happiness. I consider money as one of the most important element which has huge influence to one’s retirement life. Money can some time, not all the time, decide whether a person can able to live his retirement life freely or not.A well designed, goal based retirement plan, which started very early, would later equip people with sufficient finance to enjoy retirement life. Not only having money, but its intelligent utilization also have important role to play. Example, all the risk investments like stock investments, that later moved to monthly income plans to get regular income at the time of retirement life is an intelligent action.There would not be any thought on post retirement investments with the retirement money because, this money already has been considered as the result of formerly happened pre-retirement planning, where decided the total required amount to live entire retirement life!

Consider Debt Status

I consider starting a retirement life without any debt. If any, it should be wiped off before the retirement life starts. Having any debt at the beginning of retirement is highly dangerous. If you have such, whether it is huge or little, yes, hell is here with you.

Deal with Major Expenses

If you ask to anyone about the major expenses happens to them, you will certainly get an answer related to hospital. Expenses for aged people generally high when compare with others. Always remember to protect self before the start of retirement life. If not, it would late wipe off all the retirement savings easily and unexpectedly. A good medical insurance would solve all such issues and never required you to pull money again from pocket to pay. I consider having a right insurance is sufficient to get protected from such critical, unexpected expenses.

Earning Possibilities

If not plan well prior to the retirement life, this section could give lots of misery later. Retired life give lots of time to execute any ideas that have planned prior to retirement starts. One should plan this well and execute at the right time to spend retirement life and time totally engaged. An example, a retired teacher or professor can easily start a home tuition to engage self as well as earn handsomely. I would be going to be the one in such kind. If nothing possible, I can continue blog my life experiences to the world.

What to Do to Spend Time

A hobby makes you more active and engaged. Generally retired people prefer gardening as a hobby. There are thousands of such hobbies to choose and start as their own. Hobbies not only help to spend time, but some of them help to earn huge money by spending little time each day.

Immediate Support

Aged people generally required help from others whenever required. At the time of your retirement, make sure you are not alone in your home, but helping hands always there whenever required. It may your kids, neighbors or anybody, but it is an important element in retirement life. Remember, hands and legs never act in your way as you think when you get aged.


In my personal opinion, money, support and time are the three major elements on one should plan well before the retirement. Money would make you free from dependencies, activities and hobbies help to spend time creatively along with earning possibilities and support help to live free of worries.I am sure; each of you has personal view to retirement life. Why to wait? Express it here and let us know what we are able to learn from it! 508719-7754811