My Dream Eco friendly home features


I have a dream of build an eco friendly home. It may take time but, I have planned well on the required features in such home. Below are the reasons why I thought I should go for an eco friendly house and the minimum required features in it.

Due to continuously rising utility bills, increasing diseases from contaminated water and water scarcity, bad health due to air pollution and climate changes, forcing people to the requirement of building an eco friendly house or converting their present home to more eco friendly. If I build an eco friendly house in the future, I would give preference to the below points. I thought sharing the same will give an idea to the readers at least to think about it if they have any plan to build a house in the near future.

Below are the necessary points in the context of an eco friendly home:

– All the required features should be available in a cost effective way by minimize the amount of materials used through careful design. In other word, a design should have maximum durability and flexibility.- All the materials should be natural or try to use locally available materials.- An eco friendly house should have capability to manage all resources efficiently in a well managed way. Water, waste, climate, power all will come to the picture.- Any product that you use, should have required quality standards.- Use safe, non toxic materials, which are now widely available- Buy only what you need. In this context, should use the maximum possible materials from your own hand.

The home I am going to build, should have the below features.

1. Water management

An eco friendly house should have the facilities to collect both piped water and rain water. As you have to pay for piped water, collecting the rain water have more importance of saving your money. When thinking about water management with an eco friendly home, you should properly have 3 under water tanks. The first one for piped water, second for rain harvesting or collecting rain water and third for waste water. All the fittings for using the water should be efficient by confirming it not wasting water more than what is required for particular usage. For an example, a 3/6 duel flush water system in toilets will do better for us by not wasting much water.The rain water harvesting water tank should meet the necessary requirements that providing by various approved agencies. We should take care of the source prior to building such water tanks. There is no wonder but proper rain water harvesting can reduce your water bills to half or more less.Waste water management tank required to collect used water. For an example, a well conversion of used water from bath rooms to toilets flushes reduce the water wastages and maximizing the usage through efficiently converting water to all possible usages.Protect ground water, waterways, streams and storm water drains by required control measures in place.

2. Energy management

Electricity is a major culprit of losing a good chunk of or money as utility bills. A parallel and less cost solution available for this is the solar energy. Installing solar energy system helps you to get continuous power with no cost. Depends on your requirements, installation of solar panels possible along with future extension option if required.Use heat sinks such as brick or concrete to store heating. You can even increase the level of ceiling, wall, and underfloor insulations.Always purchase appliances that have highest power efficiency.Install solar water heater instead of electrical water heater to take maximum advantage from solar energy and save electricity.

3. Healthy atmosphere

In an eco friendly home, precautions required to have healthy atmosphere. It is a must to protect children’s and old aged people, those who are vulnerable to disease immediately, by planning properly.To get such, keep the home dust free. Use natural materials to decorate walls and avoid materials like paints and turpentine or polyurethane. Avoiding carpets and dust attracting surfaces will do better to live healthy.

4. Waste Management

Proper waste management in place not only help to have a healthy, clean atmosphere but also help you to get money by creating composts or save money for buying composts for your garden. Composting garden and kitchen wastes produces valuable fertilizer for your plants. To do such, a compost tank as per the required standards should be designed. You can thus intelligently manage the waste to create composts and thus earn or save money efficiently.

5. Gardens and surroundings

My most favorite. A house should have enough open space around the home. Your surrounding should be filled with enough trees for clean air and protect yourself from sun heat and should have a good garden, whether it is vegetable or plants, to have maximum healthy surroundings.You can use drip irrigation to use watter efficiently. A tank that designed to filter waste water naturally, helps you to convert the same to the use of the garden or small farm. Such way, you will be able to use the water efficiently by utilizing the maximum.Your garden should have an area where water can naturally flow to avoid flooding and allow natural cleansing and soaking of water into the ground.Always place plants that suitable to your soil conditions.You can even use your terrace to create a mini eco system by placing plants and building vegetable gardens. The only requirement is the house and terrace area should be built as per this requirements or having specially built for planting on the top.

6. General safety

Always confirm that your house built by meeting safer house design standards. Provide safe storage for kitchen, bathroom, laundry and garage for dangerous substances, such as medicines or household cleaners. Make sure all such are away from kids.Always secure ovens and non-attached cupboards with safety chains.All your stairways and kitchens should design with child barriers. This should also need between the front yard and the footpath/driveway.Always install smoke alarms, and fire extinguishersHave good relationship with neighborsHave electricity power breakersAlways use security lightings, safety locks and catches on doors and windows.Most of the above already in my mind and I have planned to apply when design my home. I am sure, following the above with the help of a well experienced designer help to have a good neat eco friendly home with maximum efficiency of resources, minimum cost and healthy living standards.If you have any doubts on the same, please comment here. Also, if you have any idea other than the above mentioned and that you feel, a great help for building my eco friendly home, always welcome and appreciated. 508719-7612272