6 Great Tools and Techniques Series Guides for Planning


Today, I am listing 6 classic guides to surprise readers. These guides well known as Tools and Technique series. Each of these specially and specifically published to provide maximum knowledge and wisdom on various must required life planning areas such as investments, financial planning, insurance, tax etc..

tools-4037815You can click on each link to get more information on these guides as well as buy if required. I have full set of these guides in my personal library and realized it is fantastic and rich with all required knowledge on its title. I have taken below review on each guide from Amazon to provide better information on each of these guides. These guides are not intended to beginners however beginners also can read this to get perfect knowledge on each area!

1. Tools & Techniques of Financial Planning

In today’s constantly changing marketplace, stay up-to-date on the latest products, tax laws and regulations, and best practices with the 9th Edition of Tools & Techniques of Financial Planning. Delivering the most current and essential strategies, this latest edition is ideal for all students and professionals who must master the fundamentals of financial planning.Steps and tools in the financial planning process as well as in-depth reviews of the various strategies in today s market with emphasis on cash-flow management within personal financial planning, and expanded discussions on special needs trusts, privacy and identity theft protections, reverse mortgages, and finding strategies for education planning.

This Edition offers detailed coverage on:

The impact of the market downturn and uncertain economic times on financial planning and how it has changed, Discussion of deductible losses from Traditional and Roth IRAs, Section 529 Plans, and ESAs, Tax-favored funding provisions, grants, loans, expected family contributions, and other college amounts updated, Quick overview of popular trusts, such as grant or trusts, charitable trusts, and marital/bypass trusts, Implications of transfers of property between spouses related to divorce, and discussion of what is regarded as marital for divorce purposes.

2. Tools & Techniques of Investment Planning

Written in every-day language and presented in topic-specific sections the title eliminates complicated instructions from multiple resources! The Tools & Techniques format facilitates cross-reference review and, thus, provides a better understanding of the title’s practical and theoretical concepts.Some of the section this book covers are:Fundamental & technical analysis, Commodity & single-stock futures, Corporate & municipal bonds, Government & asset-based securities, Exchange-traded & mutual funds, Direct & indirect real estate holdings, Hedging & option strategies, Investment risk, Modern portfolio theory, Performance measurement, Asset pricing models, Portfolio construction, Formula Investing, Equity holdings in stocks.

This edition additionally covers the following:

Portfolio Management and Measurement, Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction, Hedging and Option Strategies, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), Financial Futures, Mutual Funds, Measuring Yield, Convertible Securities, Asset Pricing Models, Asset-Backed Securities, Common Stocks

3. Tools & Techniques of Income Tax Planning

Complex tax rules are written in every day language and presented in topic-specific sections. Tax rules and concepts are broken down into key components and explained with accuracy and detail, making this resource simple enough for new agents, and comprehensive enough to be valuable to more experienced professionals. Tools & Techniques of Income Tax Planning covers the latest trends in capital gains, entity choice, and retirement planning.

4. Tools & Techniques of Employee Benefit and Retirement Planning

This book is intended to serve as an easily accessible, up-to-date guide to creative employee benefit and retirement planning for use by financial planners, insurance agents, accountants, attorneys, and other financial services professionals, as well as company managers, personnel departments, and CFP, law, and graduate school students. It covers almost every popular employee business arrangement used in business today. Although special consideration is given to employee benefit arrangements as applied to smaller, closely held businesses, most of the benefits described here are used by both small and large companies, and the same tax and other regulatory rules apply to both.

5. Tools & Techniques of Life Insurance Planning

This is no doubt, a classic guide! Some of the important section this guide is covering is:How to Estimate the Insurance Need, Legal Aspects of Life Insurance, Variable and Variable Universal Life, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Key Employee Life Insurance, Accelerated Death Benefits and Viatical Settlements, Survivor ship Life, Buy-Sell Agreements, Life Insurance in Qualified Plans, Section 162 Plans, Death Benefit Only (DBO) Plans, Special Policy Provisions and Riders, Delivers value at any knowledge level introductory, overview & review!

6. Tools & Techniques of Estate Planning

Discover one of the industry s oldest, most trusted sources for a working knowledge of estate planning guiding through the entire process: in-depth explanations, point-by-point comparisons, tax implications, and the translation skills needed to help clients understand complex recommendations. Delivers comprehensive coverage of more than 50 tools and techniques with supporting overview of taxes affecting trusts/estates and countless estate planning aids with new data gathering forms. Its core lessons on following subjects:Identifying estate planning, data gathering & analysis processes, Defining ownership & transfer of property, Discussing general taxation as it impacts estate planning, Planning for non-U.S. persons & post mortem elections, Assessing gifts with analysis of various trusts & giving to charities, Reviewing the role of life insurance, Intrafamily & other business transfer techniquesPlanning for incapacity & non-traditional relationshipsThis guide intend to acknowledge all possible errors associated to real estate planning and how to avoid each of that. It also has very comprehensive section on:Ownership and Transfer of Property, Power of Appointment, Marital Deduction and Bypass Trusts, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, Family Limited Partnerships, Grantor Retained Interest Trusts, Defective Trust, Estate Tax, Sale (Gift) Leaseback, Valuation Planning, Disclaimers, Gift TaxNow it is your time to decide. I have already provided an overview of these guides and its usefulness. Having such guides certainly eliminate the requirements of searching for a right financial planner or the wicked activities from any advisers operating in particular areas.

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