Appreciation to Readers and Commentators – A Journey through Commentators Blog and Sites


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thank_you-3527381It’s again the time to turn back to my readers, especially commentators. They have done a great job to make my blog more popular and resourceful. To appreciate them time to time, I have made a list of my commentators and kept in a special folder to visit their blogs timely and feature their blog and articles with Money Hacker. I can’t ensure I have added the sites of all commentators in this link post, but I can promise I went through all the comments and commentators blogs. Once if you found your site missed accidentally in this list, please ensure you have informed me.

Any site, if not added in this list may inappropriate to do so or it may be a dead blog without any updates for long time. Also, site or blog that I have felt the writer does not have any passion or seriousness, also excluded. Once if you found again there are any mistakes from my side that not included your blog, please inform me directly.

Once a gain, If you have forgot to add a comment in my blog, do the same now itself! This action reserves your seat with forthcoming link articles! Why to avoid the chances of free appreciation from this famous PR4 ranked business, finance and investment blog? My next list post would feature the websites and blogs of all guest writers and if you want to get listed in that group, write a unique guest article and send to me without further delay.

Here is the name and link to the blogs of fantastic commentators Have a look:

  • Prime Targeting has a wonderful article on Guidelines for Building an Emergency Fund. This blog is a treasure of personal finance articles
  • Mike has a simple blog named Work at Home Business Ideas – It has lots of tips to make money from home and spending our free time
  • Edmund smith from The Business Firm has lots of information on all kinds of finance that everyone must know
  • Belmont Thornton from PPI Claim has such beautiful information on loan protection
  • Karthik from History of Money featuring various money management articles
  • Christine from Money Funk has number of solid articles on Money management for all

  • Finance Dollar has excellent financial tips that ensure you make lots of dollars!
  • Hedden from Best Offshore Investments features various investment opportunities for investors worldwide
  • Jackdillon from DSG-Debt Solutions Group has a wonderful site deals directly to debt solutions and relief
  • Chirag of Squamble have a wonderful blog full of information about business, finance, investing and entrepreneurship
  • Penny Stocks has very useful information about stock market investments for all
  • Meandu has a lovely blog that features everything
  • James from Indevia Accounting is a San-Diego based accounting service firm. Site offers various business packages
  • Scott the Stock Market Investing Coach has very unique investing articles for readers to enjoy and practice
  • Jennifer reed from Manage Me 7.0 offers personal wealth creation ideas for individuals and families
  • Home 123 is a really nice place to visit and read articles about all on credit, debt and loans
  • Finance for Kids entirely focused to Kids finance possibilities. It is a right place to get lots of information to teach your kid money savvy.
  • YJ blog A Life Less Beautiful – Have various information about the daily life and activities
  • Sumayya of Tracking18 have various interesting information for those who searches for new ideas and information
  • Spidey has a beautiful blog that features latest information from motor industry, especially cars.
  • Visit Go Prepaid to know all about credit cards and debit cards
  • Visit Gold Prices Today to get all the required information about gold, gold investing etc..
  • Highest CD rates are a blog where you will get all the information about CD’s and CD rates. A nice blog!
  • Wachovia is another place to visit and get all information about CD rates. Latest information available in this site!
  • Debt Advice is a quick information team on debt relief and management
  • Annuity Quote blog provide you all the information on annuities and no further search around required.
  • Khalid from Bell the Bull have information on investing specially in India Investing
  • Again, my hearty thanks to all readers and commentators. You will certainly appreciate again and again for congratulating and rectifying me by providing wonderful comments or constructive criticisms under various articles in my blog.

    Ensure, today itself you have added a comment under any post you liked in this blog. I promise, your name and blog will be there in the next appreciation link post for commentators.