“The Newest Story of O” by Daniel K Berman Ph.D – All About Credit That You Need to Know

During my search on personal credit and debt minimization solutions, it comes under my scanner, “The newest story of O” written by Daniel K. Berman Ph.D a Harward educated, well experience credit councilor with more than 25 years of experience in the subject. Well focused to the subjects it covers with its 10 chapters, this guidebook found sound interesting by the way it have written to provide deep knowledge on each areas it discusses. It is of course a real help for people to gain real knowledge on several important topics such as credit score, debt management, home loans, personal finance, credit cards. It also discuss the better ways to deal with several departments, banks and identify free options and advices etc..

Major Features and Benefits of having “The newest story of O” in you hand This book has lots of wonderful information. When going through each pages, a reader would equip with full ideas of following topis with real life examples and necessary help to clear their doubts on each topics with lots of references at the end of each chapter.

1. How credit system works 2. How to obtain and understand your credit scores 3. Ways to repair bad credit 4. Various tips to build good credit easily 5. Pay with credit cards safely 6. Various credit card offers and selection of right credit cards 7. Selection of loans 8. How to Level the Playing Field: Fight and Win Against the Banks and Credit Bureaus

9. some of the working money saving tips for daily life

and finally,

It covers a perfectly written “Ten special topic cheat sheet on“:

Bankruptcy, Credit and Marriage, Credit and Divorce, Credit Counseling, Debt Collection, Debt Consolidation, Debt settlement, Foreclosure, Home Loans, Identity Theft and protection. This is of course a sufficient guide for all to keep self to have their credit score intact with positive manner..

Additional Features:

The newest story of O” is not only cover all about credit system, debt and loans, but its pages contains high worth information and real life examples on various must know topics such as:

1. How to set-up your credit monitoring service for free 2. Three source for free help to understanding your credit reports 3. How to obtain your genuine FICO scores for free 4. Three categories of credit repair to avoid 5. How to overcome challenges related to self employment 6. Credit card traps to avoid 7. 10 ways to get low interest loans 8. How to get free legal help 9. The simple three word ‘Secret’ of getting out of debt 10. The only time bankruptcy to select as a good choice 11. How to deal with debt collectors in a better way 12. Secrets of getting best home loan deals

13. Three basic steps to financial success

Moreover to the above all, I have bit interested to see, as a personal finance blogger, that, this book covers lots of information on making and saving money through various working ways. Its pages 176 to 200 covers 111 tips for making extra money and save money, is found truly realistic to practice and very helpful to any kind of people.

Through his book “The newest story of O” Daniel K. Berman really done a great work. More over focused to genius people, this is certainly a guide that focused to ordinary people to use as a definite reference on various day to day topics they need to know. This book is certainly a best selection piece as a gift for anyone you prefer.

What MoneyHacker suggests:

With the listed price of $14, it seems the price is so cheap compare with the contents and quality of the contents. As it is truly a wonderful source of knowledge on various subjects, we suggest the reader must go through all the chapters and specifically: Chapter 3: Deals with repairing bad credits, Chapter 5: Play and win credit card game totally, Chapter 9: Tips for Making Extra Money and Tips for Saving Money and Chapter 10: Ten Areas You May Want to Know More About. These would help to deal with lots of daily issues perfectly.

A bit about the author:

Daniel Berman’s work as a credit counselor in the 1980s led to publication in 1988 of his first book on consumer credit, which the American Library Association called “a thorough and enlightening primer on a subject of interest to most Americans.” In his new book on the U.S. credit system, Dan brings to bear his training as an investigative news reporter and a social science Ph.D., presenting the results of meticulous research in an easy-to-read and entertaining format. Dan lives with his wife Anny in the San Francisco Bay Area, where they operate a real estate brokerage based on a new and innovative model. In their spare time, they enjoy exploring the area’s many cultural offerings and natural beauty.

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