A Message to Money Hacker Readers

Message from Sherin Dev. Follow me on TwitterThere was a story of a man who sat on a gold mine, searches outside to get a piece of gold! Why I feel I was the man?

What was my biggest mistake?

Dear readers, until today, I have posted more than 600+ article for the public with Money Hacker blog. I have spent lots of time and effort to do necessary references and researches to write these articles. While doing my references and research to get more and more informational and inspirational ideas, I really forgot to turn into the excellent resource always with me from the beginning of this blog. That’s YOU dear readers! I have never tried to engage any of you or never turned to you to get possible wonderful ideas to turn my blog more useful and successful! I accept my mistakes. I feel guilty on not using the real gold where on I was sitting but, searching for another piece of gold outside!

I am sure, each readers of this blog might search for some specific information to learn or refer. If I am not able to provide such information, I feel I am not a successful blogger. Once If I am not successful, how could I provide knowledge to the readers on what the really required? Some of the readings widely opened my eyes. I have now updated my activity table to keep some really good time for the readers to understand what they really want from me and this blog.

I want to hear from each of you my loyal readers! I want to hear what you have in your mind that you want to see here. Let me know your requirements as a comment or e-mail. Let me work for you to get the full information that you really looking for. I promise, I will collect all the maximum information you needed and post in this blog for your better reference and knowledge.

As you are well aware, I love to post articles on personal finance, investing, child finance, family finance and money management as core. There are number of articles on insurance, debt management, career, retirement would also find in this blog as well. Send me your updates or queries. Feel free to inform once if you find any mistake in any point in this blog. I will update myself by taking it as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and you. I will greatly appreciate it.

Feel free to promote your products, services or even websites with my blog

Be always open to keep in touch and inform any kind of promotions that you want me to do with my blog, for you. I am very happy to promote your products, services or even websites within my blog!

Be open to write guest articles and reviews and send to me

Feel free to write and send guest articles and reviews at any time to me by email it directly. There are no requirements of asking for the same and upon receiving any article from you. Once such received, I would be the happiest person by adding it to the blog as next post.

Ask me questions and send me your ideas

I love to hear from each of you. Ask me your questions personally or as a comment under any post and you will certainly get a prompt reply! I never believe success through the effort of single persona but highly trust on adopting ideas from others. I feel readers are the questions and ideas encyclopedia where I can really turn into! Help me by sending your ideas to post more fantastic articles in this blog for the betterment of all. That would be appreciated to the higher degree.I strongly believe on my readers and visitors. They are so fantastic and wise. I never want to avoid the real interest of readers but want to make them more knowledgeable with the information they really looking for. You are always welcome with suggestions and ideas that work for all of us!My best wishes to all you the wonderful guys! Be well.

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